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5 Month Fling with an Escort


Not all brothels are run down dirty crack head establishments like most people think. I went to this brothel with a good friend. This friend had never paid for sex before. It was his first time. His experience with his girl went very well. She was a 19 year old blonde trying to work her way through aviation school. The girl next door type. My girl wasn’t anything special, just a fake titted morena that gave me a good session.

I said to my friend earlier, “If you like her, make sure to get her number” and he did just that. My friend only had a few days with me in Sao Paulo before he had to go back home. He wanted to see her again.

“Does she have a friend? Ask her”, I said.

“She says she has a friend”

“Pictures?” I asked.

“She says she doesn’t”

“That’s ok, have her over. I’ll go to the ATM  and get some beer”.

They came over. Bruna. Bruna was tall, brunette and had these cute freckles under her eyes. I’ve always wanted a Bruna. No tits but she did have a nice Brazilian ass. We drank beer and listened to some music. My Portuguese is coming along nicely now. I got by making small talk. After about 30 minutes of talking, I grabbed a beer out the fridge and then Bruna’s hand and brought her to the bedroom. No more talking. My friend did the same.

Bruna undressed and got on top. She started to stroke her clitoris with my bare cock. Until she suddenly inserted my cock into her pussy without a condom. The last time this happened I got Gonorrhea. It was a while since I had unprotected sex and it felt great. She was tall and skinny, for some reason these type of girls always seem to have tighter pussies. At that moment my crackhead like addiction to raw unprotected pussy kicked in. I wanted to see this girl more.

The next few days I kept a good eye on my cock. Looking to see if any abnormal things were popping up, such as red dots. Lucky me, my cock was healthier than ever. I called Bruna back and had her over. Again, unprotected sex. I asked her why she decided to have unprotected sex with me. She said it was because she trusted me. At this time, I was renting a very nice apartment in Moema. It was the apartment that gave her the trust which then gave me her raw pussy.

I didn’t want to say goodbye to Bruna and her luscious tight pussy. But I had to. I saw her a few more times and then I was gone, back to the wicked anxiety packed USA. I had some things to patch up. I had to move out of an apartment.


After about 2 weeks I was really missing that raw dog fucking. I couldn’t go back to Brazil. Meeting in another country was the only way to see each other again. Out of curiosity, I called her asking whether she would be interested meeting in another country for 1 week. Of course she said yes. She’s got nothing better to do. She didn’t even ask about price.

“You buy me a ticket and pay for my trip, I will go”, she said

“Okay baby let me look into it”

I decided on Cancun, Mexico. I didn’t want to fly far. I found a $600 round trip ticket for Bruna. As long as I paid for her hotel and food, she was willing to come. If I were a stock, she was taking a long position. But she was always taking the long position, the moment she stuck my cock in her tight pussy without a condom. Total cost for her to come came out to $1,200 dollars. It only cost me $171 dollars each day to have unlimited sex while sipping on margaritas in Cancun. Without a condom.

I bought the tickets. She was excited. I was excited. Although I was nervous having to spend 7 days with with her, every single second of the day. I have a hard time entertaining people and making them feel comfortable. When I flew into Cancun about an hour before she. I went to a bathroom stall and started to drink Johnny Walker Red Label. Just kept drinking until I didn’t feel nervous anymore. When she arrived, she looked tired – she didn’t even crack a smile. That’s the worst, women who don’t smile.

We checked-in to our hotel right on the beach and they offered us complimentary champagne. At this point, all that Johnny Walker I had drank at the airport finally caught up to me. I don’t remember much else from that first day. From the pictures she took, all I know is that we went to the pool and drank margaritas. I can’t even remember if we had sex. An unlimited feast of sex did not happen like I thought. We had sex every morning and every night, like a normal healthy couple would. That means every time we had sex, it cost me $85 dollars and 50 cents which is a bit higher than the standard rate in Sao Paulo, where Bruna is from. I wasn’t getting more bang for my buck like I’d hoped. But I wasn’t going to be a total creep, even though I am one, and overly force unwanted sex.

It was the second day when she told me she was starting to like me. “As time goes on I like you more and more. You are a nice guy and gentle.”

I put on some soft romantic piano jazz music. We laid in bed just holding each other. It was probably the first time in her life someone had shown her this type of special treatment. But deep down this was all part of my master plan. To see if I could turn an escort’s feelings into attachment. I felt it was working. I could tell from the first time I met her that she wasn’t fully into the escort game 100%. More of a way to make a buck and pay the bills.

I knew I had her hooked like a fish when she said “I wish we met each other a different way”, as her eyes started to water. My reply was a bit corny, “It doesn’t matter how we met, the important thing is that we met, that’s all that matters”. But I really meant those words. I didn’t care she was an escort. I actually loved it. Most men find their women online and in bars. I find mine in brothels. Brothels are my church, it’s where all my inspiration comes from. It saves time and rids the bullshit of normal dating. No games, just the transfer of cash and body fluids.

It was our last day. We packed our bags and headed for the airport. I didn’t sense any real emotion as we knew if we did she each other again, it wouldn’t be for another month. Just a kiss goodbye. Seven days was enough, I was tired of having to take a poop and being conscience about it with her in the next room. Most of the time I would take my craps in the hotel lobby after breakfast or while we were laying out at the pool.

Falling in Love

A month had gone by and I was on my way back to Sao Paulo. Her suspicions of me not coming back were starting to fall. I arrived late at night. We both agreed to see each other the following day. She was smiling this time. For the next 3 months we would see each other every weekend. She started to post pictures of us together on Instagram. She quit working at the brothel and got certified as a make up artist.

I was still paying her every time we met, even when she insisted that I didn’t.

And then..

She wanted a relationship. Not the kind we had. The real kind. Where you got to meet each others families and all that.

I couldn’t do it.

And that was that.


My dear Bruna.