Amsterdam, Netherlands – Red Light District and Prostitutes – The Whore Monger

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Red Light District and Prostitutes

The sex mongering scene in Amsterdam is a disappointment. The city lives up to everything else with it’s abundant of coffee shops to smoke in, bars, bycicle riders which can crash into you at any moment if you are not paying attention, but the red light district is no more than a rip off tourist attraction. Do not go to Amsterdam for paid sex. No matter where you go in the world, a tourist attraction is something that is always overpriced and underserved and that’s exactly what you will get if you pay for an Amsterdam red-light district whore because after all, it’s simply just a tourist attraction and the whores are merely the props. Sadly a lot of the customers are men from the United States and other counties where paying for sex is a big taboo and they end up having a terrible experience. And maybe, their only experience which makes them believe “well, actually, maybe marriage is a good idea.”

The Red Lights

The red light district is quite the spectacle at night, it’s almost romantic in a way with loads of tourist walking by the windows, even families with little children walk by as the whores gleam in the neon red lights. My brother and I rented an apartment near the center of the city, along one of the river streets. I had just watched my girlfriend leave from Paris, France to her home in Brazil. I was a free man. I will never forget that feeling of walking back to my rental car, totally free and here I was on my way to Amsterdam to meet my brother. I arrived in Amsterdam early in the morning while I waited a few hours for my brother to show up. After a two month trip with my girlfriend traveling throughout Mexico and Europe, I was ready for some whore mongering again and why not Amsterdam, the most famous red light district in the world.

My brother and I set out around 8pm at night. Rather than checking it out during the day, we went at night to see the girls lit up in the red neon lights. I was shocked to see all the people and tourist walking by the windows. I was used to creeps like me visiting a red light district trying not to be seen, quickly doing my deed and getting the hell out. This however was like Disneyland. You could grab a beer in one of the many bars and watch the madness unfold. Occasionally you would have a group of 15-20 people standing outside a window of an extremely beautiful woman. These groups consisted of men, women, couples, old and young. Hearing the conversations of couples walking the red light streets gave me great pleasure. It was always the women giving stark glares at the whores in the window as their boyfriends looked on helpless and depressed. You could just see it “why did I come here with my girlfriend” written all over them. And I don’t know how many times I heard this one: “This is so disgusting, how can these woman do this and why would a man want to have sex with these women, I don’t get it.”

There was a blonde with absurdly big tits in one of the windows. As men walked by looking in her window, she would bounce her tits up and down, it was memorizing to say the least. I will still never forget it to this day. I had made up my mind that she was the one. I was going to take her, but how? She was one of the women that had a group outside her window. This was very odd for me as I have always solicited women discreetly. I knew one thing… I needed a few drinks until my thoughts went a little numb. After 4 beers and a few shots I was ready for those big fake tits. I didn’t care about no group lingering outside and if they were there, I was going to show them how it was done.

The Experience

As I made way to her window, we locked eyes and she could see that I was a very interested customer. I am sure after working the window for a long period of time, they know what this look means. She opened her door to discuss prices with me. She quickly said 50 euro for a suck and fuck. I agreed and off we were to her bed. Immediately I felt I was being rushed like never before in my life.

“Take your pants off, come on QUICKLY, we don’t have all day.”

“ok, ok, I am taking them off,” I said.

“Now let me wash you, we don’t have a shower, I need to wipe down your dick with this cleaning wipe.”

My pants are still hanging off my ankles as I lie on her bed/message table. She unwraps a condom, gives it a good stretch and throws it over my cock. She starts sucking like the mad eastern european woman that she was. She then gets on top and starts to fuck my limp dick. She wasn’t even on top for 30 seconds before she climbs off.

“You are not hard, this is not my fault, you should have taken Viagra or something. You don’t deserve to fuck me if you are not hard, it will take you forever to come.”

She then starts to jerk me off for about 3 minutes until she claims the session is over.

“You are still not hard and you are not going to come, I can’t do this all day. It’s over. Pull your pants back up. You have to leave.”

“Wait, this is not fair, I want more time,” I said.

“You want more time, then give me another 50 euro, then you can have more time.”

I decided it wasn’t worth it. I pulled up my pants and started to make my way for the exit. As I am exiting the door the group is still there but further from the window than before. Not even two steps out the door I hear “was it good?” from some fat chick.

“IT WAS AMAZING,” as I screamed from the top of my lungs.

I had to put her in her place. I won’t let anyone try to shame me for my whore mongering ways.

I thought maybe there are some women here that treat you well, that don’t rush you. The next night I chose a girl down one of the off red light streets where not a single person was standing outside her window. She was just an average looking girl with a vagina. Same price, 50 euro. I agreed and off we were. Again, I was rushed, pants at my ankles. This time I didn’t have anything to drink and I took a Viagra 10 minutes prior to entering. I was hard as a rock. She blew me for about 45 seconds, then got on top facing away from me. She fucked for about 5 minutes until I came. Even though I did come this time around, I still felt it was a poor experience. I would rather jerk off and save the 50 euro.

So if you plan to try out the Amsterdam red light district, make sure to be hard prior to entering. I would also be hesitant to pay anything more than 50 euro as they are going to screw you either way.

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