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Back in Rio

Today is Sunday. One of my favorite days to be in Rio. I like taking the entire day off from whatever I might be doing in my life and run/walk the entire length of Copacabana and Ipanema on the road overlooking the beach. The city closes down the road adjacent to the beach all-day Sunday. Today was one of those days where there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was sunny all day long. I like the characters who set up their beach chairs along the road to watch the walkers and runners. The people-watching is just that good. It’s a popular thing Brazilians do, especially during carnival.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back in Brazil after being gone for just over a year. As I was walking today, I was taking in all the smells of the food being cooked by lone vendors walking up and down the beach selling their barbequed cheese (queijo coalho), corn, and various other foods that you only smell in Brazil. Along the way, I stopped at the kiosk just next to Posto 9 in Ipanema for an agua de coco gelado (an ice-cold coconut served natural with a straw).

The first day I got into my apartment in Rio, I took out my Norelco shaver to trim up the gardens down below. After powering on my shaver, it didn’t seem to be its normal strong self. I took off the top and let the water in to clean out the stuck hairs. Well, after fitting the top back on and powering it up, I got nothing. It was dead. Right before leaving for Brazil I gave myself a little trim, but not the professional job that I am accustomed to giving myself. I could get by, but I’d need to get another shaver soon if I wanted to keep receiving the oral sex without the condom at the clinicas.

I wondered if things had changed since I had been gone. I was hoping some new clinicas would have popped up but after giving them all a good scour, I saw nothing new. I’ve seen a few people write in the comments on my report about Rio, who aren’t too fond of Copa 583 because the girls aren’t up to par. I had to go see for myself. It was the first place I went on my first day in Rio. Maybe I am getting older and my standards are getting lower, but I don’t think so. I went in around 11am, as you should always do if you want the prime pickings – got to get there before all the men go on lunch break, or else you’ll be stuck with the bottom pickings. There was a knockout that I passed-on. I ended up taking a bit bustier woman with large breasts. I can get a quick sense of how a session will go just by the short introduction as they introduce themselves. The knockout wasn’t smiling and was a bit stern in her demeanor. The girl that I ended up choosing was not as pretty but gave that big and warm smile as I pecked both her cheeks with a kiss as we met. Sometimes I think I get a little too graphic of my descriptions when it comes to sex but I only do so when I find an occurance particularly interesting. The session started out as they always do. A quick shower and then to the bed where we both lied naked. I played with her large breasts until I got hard at which point she gradually made her way down. As she was doing her thing, I felt a lot of mucus running down my ass. She wasn’t swallowing her saliva while she was giving oral, making all of it run down through my legs and onto the bed. It didn’t bother me, it’s just the first time that’s ever happened. Maybe my hairs down there were a little too long, or it was just a coincidence.

A few days later I went to Eden Spa, the once-famous clinica in Copcabana. It still has the same dyke working as the madam. I wonder if she ever gets any ass from the chicks working. Nonetheless, I never get a good feeling from her. However, there was one all-star working that I ended up choosing. She had these perky tits, just enough for a handful. They were like teenage tits, so I asked her how old she was. 24 she said. Well, I thought, her body is holding up well, good for her and good for me. She was too much of a kisser but I went along with it anyway. Naturally like any guy, we tend to think of where that mouth has been in the past 24 hours and just hope and pray that she has good toothbrushing skills and users her mouthwash like a good girl before bed but more importantly, after the previous john.

Tomorrow I shall go to the mall to buy another electric shaver. I didn’t go to the clinica last week in fear that my hairs have gotten too long.

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