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Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Fortaleza, and Porto Alegre Sex Guide

Normally when I write a report, I like to glitter it with some humor and opinion. There is none of that in this report. This report solely contains information about where to find action in each major city in Brazil. Due to the lack of action in northern Brazil, I have left out the major cities of Natal, Salvador, and Recife. Each city includes physical locations and top websites for finding local action.

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Table of Contents:

  • Brasilia
  • Belo Horizonte
  • Curitiba
  • Fortaleza
  • Porto Alegre


I am not sure why, but I find that almost every chick from Brasilia that I have met in Sao Paulo or Rio has great tits. Brasilia is a rich city as it’s the relatively new capital of Brazil. Many rich Brazilians relocate to this city for job opportunities and political careers. Where there is money, there are beautiful women being born. Brasilia is not known for its clinicas like you see in SP or Rio. Brasilia is very discreet in the way the scene operates due to the politicians and high-profile clientele.  Chicks in Brasilia work out of their own place but the majority work out of hotels. Find the chicks online. You do not need to worry about being catfished, majority of the women you find online are real. It’s the only city in Brazil that operates in this fashion.

Local Sites:

Clinica Bem Estar (clinica)

Whatsapp: +55 61 8562 1273
Address: Asa Norte CLN 410 Sub-Solo, BL C Loja 5 – Asa Norte, Brasília
Website: Clinica Bem Estar Bem Estar

Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte is not too far from Rio de Janeiro and it’s one of the safer cities in Brazil with lots of mongering action. Prices at clinicas are higher compared to Rio and SP.

Local Sites:

Best Clinica in Belo

Name: Click for Name
Info: Click for Info
Whatsapp: Click for Whatsapp
Address: Click for Address
Cost: R$290/1hr
Website: Click for Website

Prive Athenas (Upscale Clinica)

Info: A clinica that isn’t dodgy and has nice rooms. They’re website went down but don’t let that discourage you from going.
Address: R. Araguari, 912 – Santo Agostinho, Belo Horizonte

Luar Scoth Bar BH (Clinica)

Address: R. Gonçalves Dias, 3016 – Santo Agostinho, Belo Horizonte
Website: Luar Scoth Bar

Boate Good Star

Info: This place is very Brazilian. It’s not fancy at all and does not look all that appetizing when rolling up to the place but it’s a popular place. Girls trip and there are rooms on location.
Address: Av. Pres. Antônio Carlos – São Luiz, 7676 – Lagoinha, Belo Horizonte
Website: Boate Good Star


Curitiba is an interesting city compared to the rest in Brazil. It has a heavy Italian influence with many chicks coming from Italian heritage. During my stay there, I booked a place in Centro which I wouldn’t recommend. Even though I felt safe, it wasn’t the prettiest thing which is a shame because Curitiba is a beautiful place. Due to Sao Paulo being in such close proximity to Curitiba, many top talent chicks make their way to Sao Paulo to capitalize. That being said, Curitiba is like Sao Paulo’s little sister with loads of talent and fun places to check out.

Local Sites:

Best Clinica in Curitiba

Name: Click to show name
Info: A clean and well taken care of clinica with beautiful chicks.
Address: Click for Address
Website: Click for Website

Thai Massagems (Clinica)

Info: Don’t come here expecting Thai chicks, the only thing Thai here is the architecture. However, a popular place with pretty chicks.
Address: Rua Nunes Machado,1614 – Rebouças – Curitiba
Website: Thai Massagems

My Flowers (Clinica)

Info: Nice place with some good talent. Was my go to place after spending a week.
Whatsapp: +55 (41) 99936-5552
Address: Av. Nossa Senhora Aparecida, 759, Seminário – Curitiba
Website: My Flowers Clinica

Best Sex Club in Curitiba

Name: Click to show name
Info: The best nightclub in Curitiba to bang chicks. Of course has rooms on site. Kinda like Casarao in SP.
Address: Click to show address
Website: Click to show website

Metro Club Show (Nightclub)

Address: Alameda Cabral, 161 – Centro, Curitiba
Whatsapp: +55 (11) 98386-3467
Website: Metro Club Show

88 Singles Bar (Boate)

Info: A very casual Brazilian boate. It’s like a mix between a very casual nightclub and a clinica.
Address: Rua dos Xaverianos – Bairro Alto, Curitiba


Not the prettiest place to check out. You can really sense the poorness of the people in this town. However, Fortaleza does have pretty chicks and it’s cheap but it’s not the best of cities in Brazil to Monger. Therefore, you shouldn’t specifically fly here for action but it’s still worth while if you happen to find yourself in Fortaleza.

Local Sites:

Casa da Fadas

Info: Have about 5 girls to choose from. R$150 reis for 1 hour.
Whatsapp: +55 (85) 8932-6018

Boate Black Gate Striper Show (Stripclub)

Info: A good strip club with beautiful chicks. Reminds me of the strip clubs in Colombia where you can also bang the chicks in the connected motel rooms. They also have small private rooms to receive lap dances.
Address: R. B, 880 – Pref. José Walter, Fortaleza

Belissíma (Cabaré)

Info: Does not have the best reputation for pretty chicks but it’s a place to go at night. Go at your own risk.
Address: R. Vicente Leite, 2020 – Aldeota, Fortaleza

Porto Alegre

In my humble opinion, the most beautiful girls in Brazil are from Porto Alegre. It’s where the majority of the supermodels from Brazil come from. Talent scouts from all over the world go looking in the region of Porto Alegre to find models. Even Brazilian men go to Porto Alegre in hopes to find their sex kitten wife. If going to Brazil to monger, a stop in Porto Alegre should absolutely be on the itinerary.

Local Sites:

  • No specific local sites that are popular in Porto Alegre.

Boate Gruta Azul (All-in-one Resturante/Bar/Strip/Suites)

Info: A really classy joint that has everything from good food, shows, and rooms on site. Probably the most famous and most liked joint in all of Porto Alegre.
Address: R. Gaspar Martins, 230 – Floresta, Porto Alegre
Website: Boate Gruta Azul

Domino Night Club (Boate)

Info: Really nice place with a R$50 reis cover to get in that includes a free beer. Has really nice hotel rooms connected to enjoy the action.
Address: Rua Dr. João Inácio, 72 – Porto Alegre
Website: Domino Night Club

VIP Massagens (Clinica)

Info: Best clinica in all of Porto Alegre. They have many girls onsite R$240 reis for 1 hour.
Address: Rua Vicente da Fontoura, 727. B. Rio Branco – Porto Alegre
Website: VIP Massagens

BR Top Massagens (Clinica)

Info: Owned by the same owner as VIP Massagens with the same prices.
Address: Rua Auxiliadora, 203 – Porto Alegre
Website: BR Top Massagens

Cia do Prazer (Clinica)

Info: A cheaper option in a lousy area but it will get the job done.
Address: Av. Benjamin Constant 1363 – Sobrado
Website: Cia do Prazer

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