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Blumenau Sex Guide Escorts (Brazil)

I met the most beautiful girl today that I’ve ever met in my life. I was never really a blonde guy. But being in Brazil for so many years now, sometimes I feel like a black guy that hasn’t seen some white skin, delicate blonde brittle hair, and some soft pink proportionate nipples after a long stint of time. I tend to glorify.

This girl had it all. 19 years of age, long soft blonde hair and a figure that was sleek and easy to toss around. Perky teenage tits (those of which I never had the pleasure of feeling when I was a teenager). After 8 months of being clean and sober, I’m back drinking and smoking ciggy wiggys.

Life is short.

For me it has always been boosing and trying to find the prettiest chick in town – although without much success most of the time.

Blumenau is a funny town. It has its rat parts but then has a few charming areas where you do feel like you are in Germany. The architecture I could care less about. As long as the architecture is good enough to not feel like you are going to get mugged, it doesn’t matter to me. But having been in Germany before, I can say that this town does do a good job replicating the feel.

A little history:

After WWII, many Nazis and and various Europeans flocked to Southern Brazil. Blumenau is one of these towns that was overrun with Germans after the war which means – pretty blonde girls everywhere with a hint of the Brazilians curves. During the entire month of October, it is one big party as they celebrate Oktoberfest. The sight of Brazilian girls in German maid outfits never gets old. I just finished up a week of enjoying this town. Oktoberfest was fun, but the monger scene was a surprise that I didn’t expect.

Sex in Blumenau

(#1 place in my opinion)

This place is not really what you’d expect. It’s a huge mansion perked up on a little hill. You can drive there in your car. I did. But I didn’t have the balls to drive up the steep parking lot (I just walked up and all the neighbors were probably peeking out of their windows laughing). It can hold about 6-8 cars up there. But never did I ever see more than 2 cars there. Don’t be scared, just drive up there in your shitty rental car in first gear. This is the house that I met the most beautiful girl that I ever met in my history of mongering. Her name is Nathalia – just 19 years old and she has the perkiest teen tits that any boy could dream of. Each time I leave, all the girls are napping watching Netflix in the living room. I think the majority of the pretty girls like to work here just because they can live in a mansion (which makes me think of Hue Hefner). By far my favorite place in Blumenau. Many girls (18-21 years of age) with perky tits.

A little more about Natalia I should add (the pictures of her on the website don’t do her proper justice, I’m not sure if that is even her because her tits look better and perkier). She is a bit shy at first which I thought was cute. She is the all-star of the house and goes through more men than probably any other girl working the house (I’m assuming). When it came time for the blowjob, she reached for the condom. I asked, “how much without the condom for a bbbj?” She stated 100 reis and I agreed instantly. She gave me that look like she should have stated a higher price, too bad! However, a girl like this could be charging 500 reis per hour in Sao Paulo. Maybe she is too afraid to leave the nest, who knows.. but what a treat. It’s always in these little towns that you find the real jewels. I saw her a total of three times. After my first visit, I said to myself, “I ain’t showing up here sober again.” The next two times I saw her, I drank my little magic drink (Johnnie Walker + coke) and took an Uber. It’s going to be tough knowing that this all-star is only a two hour drive away from my home in Florianopolis. I’ll probably be back sooner than I’d like to admit.

Address: Show Address
Website: Show Website
Cost: $R160

The view when at the top of the house looking out. A beautiful property.

Casa Divine

Not thinking of the monger scene when I booked my hotel, to my surprise, this house was just a 2 minute walk from my hotel. I booked a hotel near Parque Vila Germanica because that is where the big Oktoberfest festival is held. Casa Divine is just a tiny walk from it, up on a little hill. The house is huge and beautiful, has an asian feel to it from the outside. On the inside, you feel as though you are walking into a porn set designed by your mother that is obsessed with leopard. I went on a Friday night and the lineup was cute, but each girl had a little belly fat. I chose the girl that answered the door out of respect (plus she had a cute face). At the end of the day she was a cunt that thought giving a deepthroat was the end all be all. Used too much hands during the blowjob and when told not to, she did anyway. Not a good listener.

Address: Rua Monte Castelo, 40 – Blumenau
Website: Casa Divine

Casa da Massagem Nikita Company

This house and Divine are similar. Both feel like they are kept up by the owners and have a good hooker feel to them. I don’t mean to say this so lightly or casually, but I had my top two blow job experiences in this town. The best being Natalia from Casa da Camila and this girl Hanna from Nikita. Nikita looks like a normal house from the outside, as most of the whore houses in Blumenau do. They had a lineup of about 10 girls. I’d say most of the girls averaged around a 7. The receptionist can speak very good English.

Address: Rua Venezuela, 155 – Blumenau
Website: Nikita

Imperiu Massagens

Located on a street named after one of my favorite artists, John Lennon. However the street is spelt  “Rua John Lenon”, they forgot the n. When I arrived around noon, they had 5 girls available. The woman that answered the door was a cutie and she had a spunky personality. The other girls available were nothing special. One had a big pair of tits that was tempting but my hunch said to go for the girl that answered the door. Once in the room I ordered two beers and paid for my hour. After a little wash down and lying naked on the bed. She came in with two beers, one for me and one for her. She put some funky music on her cell phone and started to dance away. Shaking her ass in every possible direction. For the next hour it was a mixture of her dancing, returning to the bed to fuck and suck, and more dancing. The long short of it: it’s a house worth checking out if you go to Nikita as they are very close to each other. A very clean and snazzy place.

Address: Rua John Lenon, 68 – Blumenau
Phone: +55 (47) 8478-8522


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