In this part guide/part semi-autobiographical account of my travels from the past 5 years, I go in to deep detail about navigating in the world of sex tourism. Everything I know is detailed in this 46 page book.

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Being Born in the United States, I always had a hard time getting laid. Being somewhat of a loner, I was never big on being tied into a relationship. Because of this, sex was hard to come by. I am not a charmer nor am I a ladies man. I wish I was, but it’s not who I am and I accept that.

For a while, I thought about hiring an escort or a hooker of some sort but I was hesitant to the idea. I was also nervous to travel outside of the United States. It wasn’t until the winter of 2012 when I took the leap of faith to Cartagena, Colombia and the rest is documented in this guide.