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Brazil Mongering Tips

Since the creation of the recent The Whore Monger Group Chat, I’ve come to realize that there are a lot unanswered questions about those coming to Brazil for the first time, especially when it comes to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. I am going to try and answer the questions that get repeatedly asked on a constant basis when new members join the group.

Q: When in Sao Paulo, should I get a Hotel or an Airbnb?

A: If inviting escorts (that you have not met yet) to your place is your preferred style, then you will need to reserve a hotel. For safety concerns, escorts want to feel protected and by going to a hotel, they feel secured. Hotels, at least in Moema, do not have a policy when it comes to inviting guests to your room. When the escort arrives at your hotel, she will checkin with the reception where she will be ID’d to make sure that she is 18+ before allowing her to pass. The reception will then call your room to ask  if it’s ok to send her up, in which you will reply “pode vir”, meaning “she can come”. If you plan to invite girls that you meet at clinicas back to your place, then you may go the Airbnb route. Note: Airbnbs are often cheaper in Sao Paulo and offer more privacy. Doormen do not give you problems when coming back with guests or when inviting girls over.

Q: I’ll only be in Brazil for a few days, which city is the best for mongering?

A: Sao Paulo.

Q: Where is the best talent in Sao Paulo?

A: On any given weekday night, you will find the best talent at Scandallo. However, the girls there are overpriced while many quote their price over R$1,000 reis. Personally, I wouldn’t pay more than $700 reis to session a woman there but often, which is natural, you will see a woman that is beyond gorgeous and you will not be able to hold yourself back. There is also a heft entrance fee of $250 reis so be prepared to open your wallet if you go.

Q: Where is the best deal in Sao Paulo?

A: The most affordable establishments with quality in Sao Paulo are located in Vila Mariana, which is near Moema, charging around $25 usd for 30 minutes. There are a few clinicas there that are famous for being cheap and having good talent in the 7-8 range. First is Clinica Tangara and the 2nd is Clinica Route 55.

Q: How should I dress in Brazil?

A: You can be more dressy in Sao Paulo than you can in Rio. However, as a tourist you do not want to bring any unwanted attention to yourself. A simple pair of khaki pants, a polo shirt and semi dress shoes (like a pair of vans or clean white kicks) will be enough to get you into any establishment.

Q: Is Uber an option in Brazil?

A: Yes, Uber is very safe and it’s cheap. It’s my primary way of getting around when ever I need a ride. There is no need to hire a private driver during your stay in Brazil.

Q: Is Tinder good in Brazil?

A: The further north in Brazil you go, the better it is on Tinder. Places like Salvador, where there is a lot of poverty, it’s very easy to pick up girls on Tinder. In Rio and Sao Paulo, it’s better to use a site like to find semi and non pros.

Q: How do you say BBBJ (blowjob no condom in Portuguese)?

A: Oral sem camisinha.

Q: How do you get the best exchange rate when in Brazil?

A: Only bring a little US dollar with you on your trip. Simply bring your atm or credit card and use a Bradesco (#1) or Santander (#2) or Banco do Brasil (#3) ATM to take out cash. They will give you almost the exact current exchange rate. If you bring down US dollars with the intent to exchange, you will get hosed!

Q: What is the best way to find escorts online?

A: If you plan to use sites like PH, Club M, or Fatal M, just know that there is a good chance that you will be catfished (when the girl that shows up does not match her photos). The best way to find escorts online is by creating a Twitter account and searching for girls that way. Every escort typically states their Whatsapp number on their Twitter profile. Simply copy their number and add them to your contacts and message. You can start by seeing who I follow, as they are mostly escorts from all over Brazil, at my twitter account. Escorts who have twitter are almost always posting current photos about themselves and are very professional.

I’ll be adding more Q and A’s to this list as time goes on. If you think I am missing something, leave a comment and I will add.

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