Brazilian Women – The Whore Monger

Brazilian Women

I was tired of using Tinder. I was tired of jacking off 3 times per day. I was tired of having to deal with those thoughts of dating a fat chick just to get laid. I was tired of going on Backpage only to realize that the girls were not real and too expensive. I was tired of having to provide references to overpriced escort agencies. I was tired. I was fucking tired dammit.

One day, I booked a flight from Miami to Rio de Janeiro and never looked back. I have been to Thailand and had my fun in the blowjob bars. I’ve been to a few places but there is nothing like Brazil. I am a refugee of the pussy famine (aka The United States of America).

Brazilian Women Breakdown

Rio de Janeiro

Rio is a tough and rough city covered by a beautiful thumbnail which is the beach (Ipanema), Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf mountain. It’s a tough city with tough women. Listen, I’m a guy who has lived in Rio for 1 year. I’ve done the dates, the tinder and all that dating crap. When you are in Rio, just enjoy the massage houses and the beach. Not that Rio is dangerous, but you can’t walk in the street with your head down looking at your iPhone like you can in São Paulo. In Rio you have to be much more careful. Rio is a small town. A big city but it has that small town feel. As a foreigner, you are either staying in Copacabana or Ipanema which are loud places to live with cars constantly passing by in the streets, always being reminded that you are living in a hustling and bustling city. People from the favelas roam the streets during the day, many of which who sleep on cardboard boxes in the streets.

But shit, I am not a fear monger, I am the whore monger. Please, if you are in a cloudy small town in some bum fuck area in the United States, by all means, come to Rio. Don’t commit suicide, stop taking your anti-depressants, stop jerking off 3 times a day and get your ass over here. I’m trying to help you kid. I am a caring man, just trying to offer a little advice for my fellow compadres that are pussy deprived in America, which is what I believe is what causes all these mass murders. With all that being said, there are some very beautiful women in Rio de Janeiro. Good whores in Copacabana and in Centro. You want to fuck these bitches, then read my Sex Guide. I got addresses and links to all the whore houses. Enjoy my friends.

São Paulo

A big clean city with over 12 millions people, tons of Brazilian girls to choose from. These women…man, what to say. The girls in Thailand can suck a cock, but 9.9 out of 10 don’t have ass or tits. The Portuguese language doesn’t sound like nanggg nagiii nag fang fooo. It’s culture less over there in mongering Asia. Anyway, enough of comparing and convincing. Everyone has heard of the girls in Brazil. Those big butts in those skimpy bikinis. It’s all true. Just like every girl in the United States has a lanky hairy arm, all the girls here in São Paulo, and Brazil for that matter, have the big juicy ass. I take it for granted because I swim in the shit I love. I don’t write “how to” guides to pick up women like Rooshv. I tell you where the whores work so you can get your dick sucked. Keep it simple.. keep your distance from women and you will live a long life without financial difficulties. You want to fuck girls in São Paulo – read my sex guide.

Rio Grande do Norte

The girls in the North a bit darker, but not all as dark as you would think. There are still many beautiful white girls in this region. These girls are much easier as well. It’s like going to farm country in the United States. These girls aren’t exposed to the commercialism in the subways of Rio or SP. They have been talking to pigs and cows growing up. They talk moo moo and oink oink. The only girl I ever dated from Brazil was born in Natal. I was living in the beach town called Pipa and I met her one night while sipping on a beer. I couldn’t do the relationship thing. I need my space. I need to be alone. That’s why I love Brazil and I hate throwing that word, love, around but that is the only way I know how to express. I can do my work and when I get horny, I go to the local whore house and get my blowjob without a condom.

Women are winning today. There are far too few Hue Hefners out there and too many women showing off their bitch owned husbands. Marriage is a past time – don’t do it. Every man should strive to live in a house with 10 hoes. These hoes will then fight to try and be your #1 hoe. You won’t have to keep her in check, the other girls will. Red pill this, red pill that… red pill suck my dick.


If I was Jewish man, a foolish one wearing those stupid bald spot covers, I would want to come here to Floripa. Yo Jew boy, have you ever wanted to fuck a Nazi in the ass? Well you may not be able to seeing as those Nazis are dead of old age about now, but you can fuck their daughters. We have to thank those Germans for the beautiful Brazilian women. After the war, many nazis came to Southern Brazil and populated this region with many mixed blonde girls. Blondes with big asses and big fucking tits. Most of the girls in Floripa (short for Florianopolis) just want to feel special.. take them to a club and then face fuck their brains out after. Brazilian girls are dirty.

Were you looking for a guide into the Brazilian woman’s heart?… then go back to your google results and look for another blog spewing “how-to” bullshit. Women are all the same. They are sexy up until 25 and then they go crazy. They get that urge to have kids just like we men got the urge to jerk off to scrambled porn at 12 years old. Stay away from these creatures. Use them. Abuse them. Get blowjobs with out condoms. Fuck them with condoms. Try and get a whore to fall in love with you by seeing her everyday. Dream to live in a house with 10 beautiful girls. Make them all sleep in the same room while the queen bee gets to sleep with you. This is possible as there are too many girls out there with daddy problems. Go to Brazil.