Camila – The Whore Monger


it was a fine morning
ate eggs, fruit, and hot dog chunks for breakfast
took a nice stroll down Copacabana
not a cloud in the sky
runners, beach goers about
and bums lying on their cardboard beds
the sun is piercing the sky
like that of a red sun behind a bulging clit
i took it all in for about 20 seconds
then i walked to the pharmacy
to buy the toothpaste that airport security took from my carry on bag
this time i bought a small dinky tube of toothpaste
and seeing as you don’t need a prescription to buy Viagra in Brazil
“tem Viagra” I said to the pharmacist
“quatro Viagra por favor”
i also bought some sun tan lotion, condoms, and shampoo
it was almost 11am
i hurried back to my hotel
showered, shaved the little hairs that run up the base of my shaft
brushed my teeth with my little tube of toothpaste
smelt the collection of my underwear and picked the least smelling one
as all are dirty from the lack of laundry
and off I went to Rua Hilário de Gouvêia, 66 room 201
i opened the door
the receptionist, a beautiful tatted brazilian
led me to a small room with two chairs
while brazilian porno played on the tv
soon about 12 girls introduced themselves
they all looked pretty clean
looks like I got there before the businessmen did
Camila was the first to enter
a beautiful blonde Brazilian with all the classic features
i remembered that name Camila and a few others
just incase Camila became unavailable
I heard other men in the next room over
I could hear the ladies introduce themselves to the other men
when the girls were finished introducing
the receptionist asks for my choice
i said Camila
and she was available
the men in the other room didn’t act soon enough
i was led to the bang room
which consisted of a double bed
quite comfy
a hanger for clothing
and a little trash can
where my cum will eventually be laid to rest
she gave me a towel
i went to the bathroom and washed off my balls
back in the room we start off quick
she sucks
we fuck
and then she asked me if I want anal
sure i said
i have only done anal once in my life
“that will be an extra 100 reis”
“sure, he you go”
her ass was clean and tight
beautiful pussy too
i tried to stick it in her ass
it was too dry and tight
she took her bottle of lube
and with two fingers she penetrated her butthole with it
it was ready
she lied down on her belly
and with both hands she spread her butt cheeks
after many failed attempts
due to limp
i got it in
i guess it felt tighter
but with a condom on
it wasn’t really all that great
soon i took off the condom
gave the willy a nice wet nap cleaning
and she proceeded to blow, blow, and blow
i came on her slightly brownish nipples

having only washed my hands and not showered
the next morning as i am sitting there eating my breakfast
and drinking my coffee
i catch wind of a familiar smell
i curled up my fingers and pressed them near my nose
and there lied the smell of Camila’s cunt in-between my fingernails