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Campo Alegre Curaçao Review

Campo Alegre, a place where over 150 girls roam and dance and dingle my cock as I brush past them. Without mention, my cab driver from the airport to the hotel and the bartender at my hotel both heavily talked up this establishment. I arrived into Curaçao that night at 10:30pm, which was too late in order to rent a car. Renting a car is cheap, about $35 us dollars a day. The equivalent to 1 taxi ride and just a bit more expensive than one fuck at Campo Alegre. Even without the rental car, I was unable to hold myself back and took a taxi to Campo my first night on the island.

A funny ad recorded at Camp Alegre

Campo”Heaven on Earth” Alegre

As my taxi is approaching the establishment, I see this big green leaf lit up high in distance. It was a beautiful sight even though to this day I am still unsure of its symbolism (maybe it has to do with the imagery of the leaf that covers the vagina back when man had no clothes). As we approached the parking lot, I thought I was entering Disneyland, I could not believe the amount of cars. I would soon find out, that many of the cars belonged to the women inside.

I’d say I am a fan of signs, like the big M McDonald’s sign and even the Batman sign. It gets you excited about whats coming. Whether that’s a Bigmac, Superman himself, or even a hot woman with her bare tongue. Shortly after I passed the big green leaf, I entered the parking lot. It had a lot of cars in there. Seeing all those cars gave me a jolt of fear. But I had to tell my brain I wasn’t pulling up to a christmas family party with a bunch of cars in the driveway belonging to relatives. This was a party consisting of cheap naked women.

The Big Green Leaf on the way in that lights up the sky.

The Entry

Entry is cheap, $5 usd in their currency. After paying, I received a paper bracelet. Then an old man, looked like he’s had this job for years, offered to sell me Viagra at $10 a pill. Not to brag but I am not at that point, even if I drink, needing Viagra. The minute I see a pair of tits, fake or not, pepperoni nipples or Japanese TeePees, I get hard. I got a nice average slim cock. It could be that it doesn’t take a ton of blood to make my cock hard, that’d be my guess.

A view of the parking lot facing the entrance of Campo Alegre.

The Compound

Right after entry, as I am looking straight ahead, I see the main building which just consists of the bar, restaurant, and the stage where girls put on strip shows. On the left and right of the main building is where the, as I like to call them, “army barracks” sit. That is of course, where the deed is done. After strolling throughout every nick and cranny, I’d say there are between 150-200 rooms. Even though they promote it on their website, I am not sure if you are able to rent a room. It seems only women operating in the establishment had rooms but I could be wrong as I never asked. They offer mainly Heineken and Presidente as beer choices.

A side angle shot of the main building.

The Experience & Girls

The bartender at my hotel was trying to blow smoke up my ass, as he was trying to convince me that there are dutch girls working at Campo Alegre. It’s a dutch island and there are many beautiful dutch woman flocking around, but why would any dutch girl decide to work here rather than in Amsterdam where she could make more money and not nearly work as hard. So not to my surprise, there were no blonde hair blue eyed dutch girls working at Campo. I knew within the first few minutes of walking around and seeing the girls that I would leave this place a happy man. I’m not picky, but I saw many beautiful latin women everywhere. Within the first 10 minutes of walking around I couldn’t help myself and approached a girl for sex. Come to find out, she was Dominican. She had this ass; a Brazilian like ass and huge beautiful fake tits. She agreed for the standard rate, which is 50 dutch dollars (equates to about 25 usd, more or less). I didn’t negotiate as I was a deer in headlights when I made my approach. She wouldn’t give me a bbbj even when I offered to give her double the price to do so. I get it though, at least for her. With her beautiful figure, she must go through more clients than any other girl there and in her mind there is no need to risk it. One thing she did I’ll never forget. As we were having sex, she stopped and went to the bathroom. The bathroom door was directly next to the bed. She didn’t close the door and started to take a tinkle. I was in shock a little bit. I thought was a dirty woman. She did have really large nipples to complement those boobs and for whatever reason, I am always suspicious of women with extra large pepperoni nipples. The bathroom move didn’t make me go limp nor did it turn me off, I am sure some men would have despised the move. But she came back and we fucked until I came. I exited her door and headed straight to the bar, as nothing feels better than a nut and nice cold beer afterwards.

People inside talking about possibly fucking.

Ga Ga Goo Goo

It was about midnight when a striptease competition started happening on stage. There was this one girl up there, wearing a checkered flannel top and tight skirt. She was Colombian and extremely “innocent” and cute. I tried looking for her after the show but she was nowhere to be found. I had a few more women that night and I made sure to negociate a bbbj in with the standard price. However, I agreed with one fat girl for a bbbj at standard price. I had no intention of having sex with her, I just wanted a blowjob. She had a tongue ring and that was enough to perk my interest. As I was lying on her bed with my dick out, she started opening a condom.

“Hey, what are you doing? We agreed on just a blowjob without a condom.”

“Baby we have to use a condom.”

“But we agreed”, I said.


What could I do. She had my money. I could have walked out but there was no way of getting my money back. So I just accepted the CBJ and it happened like that. I was there for 6 consecutive nights and every time I saw her there afterwards I gave the shrug. Lying bitch. That was the only time I ever had a dishonest girl. For the most part, everything went great.

As for the cute Colombian girl, I finally saw her one of the next few nights while she was eating at the restaurant. I approached her and she gave me one of the best sessions I had there. After obtaining her whatsapp, I realized she had a kid and there went my dreams of trying to seduce her into loving me and me loving her. Once a woman plops out a kid, she is forever indebted to the man that impregnated her.

Final Thought

The best sessions I had there were with the Colombians. By far, the most dishonest were the Dominicans and I made sure to stay away from them after PeePee and CBJ girl. The Dominicans do not know that they are all pieces of poop and they will gladly tell you that they are Dominican. My advice, stick to the Colombians.

A couple Colombians walking by in route to their barracks.

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