Carol – The Whore Monger


She doesn’t know it
But I noticed that little blotch of black ink lingering on the back of her neck
From her self coloring hair
At first I thought it was a birth mark
Maybe she knows it’s there
But I don’t think so
She’s 24 now
The skin over her jaw bone is starting to dull
She has a flowery tattoo on her back
I usually don’t like tattoos but this one
Turns me on
She had it done at 16
That means she must have lost her virginity at 13
Or maybe even 12
Sick of me to think that
But it’s probably true
She’s got these freckles under her eyes
And always covers them with makeup
Which I always protest her doing
I asked her if she has a father
She said he is an asshole and doesn’t know him well