Centaurus – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the most famous termas in Rio de Janeiro is a place called Centaurus. It has been famous for a long time, way before Justin Bieber went there. It is located in the heart of Ipanema which makes it very convenient for tourists. Ipanema is one of the most sought out and desired neighborhoods in Rio for locals and tourists alike, therefore it isn’t the cheapest place to stay and that goes for the termas too. Centaurus is the most expensive Terma in all of Rio de Janeiro but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. As I have wrote about the red light district in Amsterdam, once an establishment becomes a tourist destination it loses it’s appeal, it loses it’s true purpose and the all-around quality decreases. Why does it cost the typical traveler a lot of money to travel? That’s because tourists are easily taken advantage of. No matter if you are going to Disneyland or on a cruise around the Caribbean, generally the service will be mediocre and it will come at a premium price.

In Rio de Janeiro, Centaurus has become the tourist attraction for sex. Rarely will you find local Brazilian men inside this place and there are plenty of reasons why besides it being the low quality – high priced terma in Rio. I have not been there post-Justin Bieber but I can only imagine that it has become even worse. I am sure due to the publicity of Bieber, more and more sex tourist are showing up and being taken advantage of. I will admit, Centaurus was my first terma and since visiting almost every other terma in Rio, I am disgusted with it’s service and atmosphere. Were the women dogs in there? Not really, but were they goddesses? Not really, no… I would say mediocre for Rio standards.

The more I write about Centaurus, the more I feel like I am writing a bad review on Yelp. I dislike Yelp and everything it stands for and in no way am I purposely trying to smear Centaurus, I am simply writing truthfully about my experience as I do with everyplace I visit. Rio de Janeiro is my baby and I care deeply about it. I want others like myself who love, cherish, and fuck whores to have a great experience in Rio and to get the best bang for their buck.

My Review of Centaurus

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April 16, 2016: As I was just back in Rio, I went into Centaurus just to see what they were charging and this is what I was offered. R750 reis if paid in credit card or R660 if paid in cash. They said they raised the prices in December due to the falling Brazilian Real.


Well this was my first terma experience and my expectations were very high. Since my visit, I have been to almost every other terma in Rio de Janeiro and many other establishments all over Brazil so my review is based off Centaurus’ service vs the norm of the rest. I arrived at around 9. It was a fast and easy checkin. I was given the classic white robe and I was given a locker key to store my things. The girls were very pushy from the start, lurking in the hallways just outside of the locker room. As I am heading towards the main room upstairs, these women are poking and grabbing me already trying to get my attention. Brazilian men go to termas to fuck but also go to RELAX and that’s what I wanted too. From the beginning to the end, relaxing was something I was unable to do.

Once I am in the main room, I ordered a cold beer and found a seat. There were only 5 other men in this surprisingly tiny room and about 30-40 women. As I make way to my seat, 10 women followed like a pack of hungry dogs. I had about 5 girls to my left and 5 girls to my right. I had questions coming in from every direction. Some questions in perfect english, some in broken english, and others that just sounded like a blur. Deep down I just wanted them all to leave so I could enjoy my beer and scope out their bodies from a distance until I made up my mind. Instead these girls were prying at me and trying to work a price. After about 10 minutes I just stopped talking and waited for them to leave. After about 5 minutes they all pretty muched left my side. One of them even called me a coward and a little girl before she left. Come to think of it, I guess I am a coward but cowards know how to live, so cheers.

After my second beer, my eyes were locked on a tall blonde chick. She was not a Brazilian goddess that I was looking for but she was still attractive. I asked her if she would like to fuck and she happily said yes. The fuck was included in the entrance price. She didn’t speak a lick of english and I didn’t care. Once upstairs in the room, I took a quick shower to wash off my balls. I found out she was an ex-beauty queen from Florianopolis. She tried to put a condom on my cock before giving me a blowjob, I denied that and told her to suck without and she unhappily accepted. After about 3 minutes we put the condom on and fucked doggy until I came.

Final thought:

The money rolls into Centaurus more so with the hassling ladies. Other termas which rely mostly on their local clientele, absolutely can not let their ladies act that way or else they will go out of business. Since most of Centaurus’ clientele are first time tourists, they encourage the hassling for it makes the house more money. I am not saying you will have a bad time if you go. Anytime there are beautiful women around that are willing to have sex is a fun time but if you want to enjoy the true essence of a brazilian terma where in Rio they are the most famous and the best, you might want to think about another option.