Clinica Doctor Amor – Cali, Colombia – The Whore Monger

Clinica Doctor Amor – Cali, Colombia

When I find a rare gem like Clinica Doctor Amor which is located in Cali, Colombia (Avenida 2N No. 23N – 23), I must purely write about it.

After looking through multiple articles online for mongering places to hit up in Cali, I read about Clinica Doctor Amor. It reminded me of a place called Dr. BJ in Thailand so immediately I was eager to find out about the details of this place. I walked there my first night in town, the address was only about 10 blocks from where my apartment was that I rented on Airbnb in around Avenida 6N and Calle 17. I walked there at night which was probably a bad idea. I found it but I was still hesitant to go in because I was not 100% sure it was the place. It looks like a big white house and it has a large parking lot. There were many cars in the lot which confused me, I thought there couldn’t be this many people at a whore house. I took the walk of shame back home and to be sure I wasn’t going to mess this up again, I told myself I was going take a cab there the next day.

I’m always somewhat a little nervous going these places, especially for the first time. So around 2:30 the next day after shopping at the mall getting some nicer clothes and a haircut, I pulled out the Aguardiente sin sugar and a beer. I poured myself 3 shots and downed the beer. After about 15 minutes I was feeling good, still not as good as I would like but I knew I couldn’t go too far because it was Saturday and I didn’t want to lose the night. I took a short taxi there by a black man and shockingly he spoke perfect english. I asked him why he spoke so well and he told me he lived in the United States for 18 years in New York. That tells you something about this place called Cali. I don’t blame him, I would live here in a heartbeat over New York and if you think about it, a taxi driver in New York has a lessor quality of life, simply because everything is too expensive and there ain’t no whores, at least cheap whores that are in the 8-9 range in looks. I liked this guy, and I took his number down for when I have to leave for the airport in 2 weeks.

As I approach the Clinica, there are very few cars in the parking lot, a lot less than the time before which makes me feel good. I get a quick pat down before going inside and afterwards I’m led inside to where I can sit in a sofa type lazyboy or a couch. I opt for the lazyboy.

Meanwhile I order a quick beer. All the girls come out 1 by 1 and greet the customers with a soft handshake. Each time a new customer comes in, the girls come out again and greet everybody. It’s really nice because if you forget names easily like I do, you get a second chance to hear their name. The talent was pretty good but of course you had some girls that were a few years past their prime, duds I like to call them. Immediatly this beautiful morena girl comes out and I already know I’m going to take her when she shakes my hand. I am still quite fresh, I’ve only been sitting down for a few minutes. First off I don’t know the protocol and to boot I can’t speak Spanish. As she shakes my hand and attempts to to walk away, I keep a firm grip on her hand which I think scared her a bit but at least I got her attention. She laughed a little bit, it was a little awkward but I got her and off we were to the cashier. We agreed on 150k for 1 hour. The cashier gives me back my change and 3 condoms. I like her confidence in that I can go 3 times. Off we go upstairs, and I let her lead… no panties, it was a beautiful sight for she had a beautiful pussy, everything wrapped up nice with no meat hanging out. The room was on the second floor, I’m not sure how many floors there are as the staircase went higher. As we are walking past the rooms they look lovely, however in a way it does some what feel like we were in a medical clinic as everything is white which was comforting even though I don’t like hospitals.

Now we are in the room, she starts to undress as I take a shower not before putting flip flops on. I wash my dong quickly and I’m out. She then gets in the shower as I lay naked on the bed. She then leads her way down as if she’s going to suck my cock and starts to open up a condom. I stop her and ask how much for the BJ without the condom. She could of said 100k and I would have agreed but she sold herself short and stated 50k, I agreed. She started really slow and started to give me a really sensual BJ. I’d just come off a year long relationship and I thought my girlfriend knew how to give a good BJ but it never felt sensual like this. She started swirling her tongue around the head and I was in BJ Heaven. She had no plans of stopping. After about 5 minutes I was about to explode and even though I knew I could have exploded and fucked her after, seeing as I had 1 hours time paid for, I wanted to come in her pussy. We then start missionary and as we are fucking I just adored how clean her pubic area was, not a stubble in sight. That’s rare girls a little on the darker side. Quickly thereafter I told her to get in doggy so I could see that big beautiful juicy ass. About 2 minutes in I explode but I keep that very hush hush as I don’t know if that’s allowed. Of course I am wearing a condom but still, some girls have rules. As I finish coming, I pull out like I am just starting to come and let the moans out. It worked as she said nothing. She helped me take off the condom. As I rinse off I am so relaxed and my desires are fulfilled. She had fake titties by the way, and they were nice playing with but I could have played with them a bit more if she got on top. We both rinsed and dressed. I forgot her name and asked her again. Juliana she said. Mental note taken this time and if she’s there next time, which she said she’s there everyday, I’m going to take her again as she will only treat me better the next time.