Cum and All Its Glory – The Whore Monger

Cum and All Its Glory

I don’t care how hot your chick is, the moment after you cum you wish she was no where in sight. All those minutes fantasizing, gazing, and playing with her big perfect tits with pink proportionate nipples were nice until the cum. That beautiful sight of her bending over with her legs straight, where it forces her pussy lips to pop out and stare at you in the face and that ass smiling at you simultaneously, no longer has the same appeal. You now look at her and all that ass like you look at a filet mignon doused in peppercorn sauce with mashed potatoes on a full stomach.

What am I doing with this woman, why am I with this woman. Is this worth it. Well I guess I am going to be horny in a few hours or even a few minutes, I don’t know. Just keep cool, don’t make any harsh decisions now. And you can’t, you can’t make any decisions now, not after she just let you cum all over her face. So just relax, go read a book or smoke a cigarette, plus you are too lazy to make any life altering decisions now. Right, she just sucked every ounce of cum and energy out of me. I always feel this way. Why do I always feel this way. Every time I ask myself what the hell I am doing with this woman that I have absolutely nothing in common with, she’s a psychopath. My family doesn’t really like her, I know I am just with her for the sex, I know. It’s always the same urge after the cum: smoke a cigarette, play the guitar, lie on the bed and stare at the ceiling, watch a documentary about something really deep, if they are clean to put on a pair of tight underwear so my balls don’t dangle as they now feel fragile, watch tv, read. But most of all, to just be alone, away from her and to be alone in my own thoughts.

I wish I could just cum on the floor and not clean it up. Why is it we always have to find something to cum into or on. The only thing I get pleasure coming on is a woman’s face. Coming on a tit is no different to me than coming on a piece of tissue paper. Lately I have enjoyed coming into a random book. Opening a book to a random page, coming on it and closing it up. I feel bad about coming on a whore’s face. I wish I could be an asshole but I tend to treat whores better than I would a girlfriend. The ultimate in life would be to have a whore become emotionally attached to me, even it was just the slightest bit. Then if I did feel attachment on her end, I would enjoy coming on her face because I would have deserved it by now.

You know you are in a good place when after you cum from masterbating, you feel total peace and warmth all over your body. After bringing your tissue full of your come to the toilet to flush, you feel peace in your walk, happy just to be alone and being happy alone.