Delícias do Centro – Rio de Janeiro – The Whore Monger

Delícias do Centro – Rio de Janeiro

Delícias do Centro (Av. 13 de Maio, 47 – Sala 513) is a fast fuck whore house. Unlike the other more expensive brothels where they cater to mostly businessmen, this whore house caters to all due to the prices (cheap) they offer. As I was walking through center around the Carioca metro stop, men were handing out fliers and I was able to grab ahold of one. As I looked down at the piece of paper, I saw the price R$ 30,00 reis along with a blonde with a nice ass. I decided to check it out.


  • R$ 30,00 for 10 minutes
  • R$ 50,00 for 20 minutes
  • R$ 70,00 for 30 minutes

The House

I went around 1pm, this was not the ideal time to go as it’s when most people are on their lunch break. There were a few men in there which I didn’t mind. It’s not like you have to wait in a line since all the men wait in the waiting room while the girls introduce themselves to all. The first guy to make a move gets the girl. I just opted for the 10 minutes session as I wanted to see how much 30,00 reis could get me. She gave me a quick blowjob with a condom and then we proceeded to fuck. It felt like after 3 minutes she told me time was almost up, so I tried to come as quickly as I could and after about another minute, I was done.

It’s not the cleanest place but that’s largely due to the amount of traffic they have coming and going. I had no idea places like this existed in centro, I thought they only existed in the Red Light District. Go on, give it a try.

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