Does Bill Clinton Have Sex With Hillary Clinton? – 2016

I thought about this line and it just stuck to my brain. I couldn’t get it out. Does Bill fuck Hilary and if he does, what kind of world is he living in. Can you imagine unbuttoning her dress only to see her folds of fat and wrinkles unwind to the eye. In my experience, and I have had my share because I am not the guy that takes home 8’s and 9’s every night, when fucking fat chicks their pussy smells just a bit more. As you start to go down on them, about 2 inches after you get to the belly button, you smell stink, pussy stink. I have gotten drunk once and fucked a 60 year old women, she wasn’t necessarily fat but I would call it “age fat” and if your guess is that her pussy stank, it did. As they get older (women), the stink gets broader. I guess that’s why they make old lady perfume, it’s the strongest of them all. Bill, Bill, Bill, Hilary was young and smelt like fresh flowers when you first met her I know, but how could you be so foolish to hang on to those flowers. Yes, it (Hilary) will decay slowly, but you know this…. I guess you must be one of these, “that day will never come” kind of person.

I don’t know the whole story, I am like most people. I know Bill got a suck and fuck from Monica Lewinsky and a few other broads. Was Bill fucking Hilary during this time, probably not. Hilary looks like the type of broad where once she got some fame and fortune her pussy closed shut and she still seems that way (but now I would be happy if I was Bill, 2016 Bill). I love how women get angry at their men for fucking other broads because they are failing to fuck their men. Look at Donald Trump, Melania Trump is clearly fucking the Don’s brains out and you can be sure of that. I think the reason we all give Bill a pass is because all of us men deep down know that “Hilary the Willary” wasn’t giving Bill the goods he needed, and for sure she wasn’t giving any blowjobs. It’s carnival in Brazil as I write this, I just had 2 broads back to back nights and the first one refused to give a blowjob and the second used to much teeth. Both of these broads were desperate when I met them and I now know why. It all comes down to the blowjob and for GOD FUCKING SAKE IT ISN’T THAT HARD TO GIVE A DECENT BLOWJOB.

I have a few theories about Billy boy. First off, HE IS NOT FUCKING HILARY. I just can’t see that happening. They are a divorced couple trying to get back into the White House so Bill can run the show again. Now if Bill isn’t fucking Hilary than who is he fucking. Does he have some sort of sex slave tied up somewhere? Maybe the CIA knows about the sex slaves in Bill’s dungeon. If Bill were able to get back into the White House, he could continue his “first man” ways and start fucking some serious young fresh pussy again. Think about it, Hilary will be the busy one this time so Bill will be able to relax.  Bill is not the type of guy that can take a plane to Medellin, Colombia, hop off the jet and next thing be at a whore house fucking beautiful women. Nope, now he is just a walking troll that has to advise Hilary everyday.