Driving to Montreal, Canada

I just arrived into Montreal today. I enjoyed my 5 hour drive from New England, I smelt a lot of manure along the way. Despite border patrol asking me a million questions and searching my entire car and my luggage, it was a smooth ride. It’s a good thing I left my artificial vagina hidden back home. I bought a Fleshlight online while I was back home visiting my parents. I knew I wouldn’t be getting laid for a good 3 weeks so I ordered one of those artificial vaginas. To be exact, I bought the Fleshlight Go. It comes encased in a flashlight casing which makes it easy to pump. When the house became empty and everyone was gone, I whipped out my Fleshlight and my cock and I felt 13 years old again. I drizzled some lube into the fake vagina. I was really excited to be doing this. I got my computer out, tuned into some tight teen porn on xhampter and started pumping away. I can’t say it felt like the real thing because whenever I go about a week without (real) pussy, I forget what (real) pussy feels like, so how can I say that this fake vagina feels like the real thing. However I can say it feels better than my dry hand. Even though it felt better than my hand, it did take longer for me to cum using it but when I did come, I exploded with eyes rolling fully backwards.

I felt a bit regretful leaving my vagina behind but I knew there was a good chance of border patrol finding it if they searched my luggage, and they did. The vagina is quite big, bigger than I expected but it’s the flashlight encasing that makes it so bulky. Before I left for my trip, I took the vagina out of my bag and hid the thing in a discrete location in the house. I gave it a good clean. I never once came in it. It was easy to clean. I guess it gives you good practice at pulling out. The border patrol agent that ended up searching my car was an overweight female. She gave off a stink of an attitude but I can imagine women working that job feel as though they need to be tougher because they are a woman, and therefore give off that stink. She would have found that vagina if I packed it. I would have truly enjoyed seeing her face as she opened the cover of the fleshlight to see two pink pussy lips staring at her in the face. It would have been a face of confusion, shock, and sickness all buckled up in one. If that did happen, I have a feeling I would have been denied entry and I would be sent back to smell the manure from all the farm fields until I reached my parent’s home. There was no vagina and I was let through the border and on to Montreal I went.

And now the mongering begins.

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