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As a kid, I was part of the generation of scrambled porn on channels 84/85/86 which could be accessed by basic cable and it was the only way to watch free porn at the time. Ever since I have been fascinated with the industry and now I have the great privilege to be interviewing the beautiful Melanie Lee. Thank you very much Melanie for taking the time out of your busy schedule for taking part in this featured Q & A interview for The Whore Monger.


Q: When deciding to get into the porn industry, how did it happen, did you contact a porn company on your own, or did you reply to an ad you saw somewhere?

A: I started escorting soon after turning 18 and I did my first porn scene just before turning 19. I have always been a big fan of watching porn even since I was young and I have always enjoyed having sex with various random men. I’ll admit I was the stereotypical slut that hooked up with every guy in school and even older men at college parties. I didn’t have many girl friends growing up and had tons of guy friends and I would get invited to all the big parties, mainly because I was an easy booty call which I didn’t mind. I actually would fantasize a lot about doing porn even before I was an escort but I was always concerned that it could potentially conflict with future careers that I may want to do. Several months after I started escorting independently, I had a threesome in Vegas with two guys who turned out to be Porn producers who were both impressed with my sexual nature and looks and said they wanted me to do porn for them and that I wouldn’t even have to audition at that point. Of coarse I was very intrigued and interested, especially after they told me what money I will make in my first porn for them but I didn’t say yes right away. I was curious enough though to take their offer of going to the shooting of a gangbang scene they were filming in Los Angeles a week later because they offered me the opportunity to be a part of a porn scene, without actually being in the movie. Long story short, they flew me to the set in LA, I got on my knees and I sucked off and fluffed 8 big black cocks by the pool at a really nice house as the guys prepped up to gangbang another girl while I watched how it all played out during the filming process. I had already done blowbangs before while escorting at bachelor parties so I had an idea of what to expect already. I wasn’t in the porn scene that time but I was compensated very well and on the spot and most of all I really enjoyed it all! I was already wet and wanted to have sex with every guy there lol. All the guys were really nice to me and I felt comfortable with the environment and I knew right then that I wanted to do porn, and so I did. I did my first porn scene 2 days later and Im so glad I did it.

Q: From an outside perspective, the porn industry seems pretty ruthless, especially for women. Are there gentle souls in the porn industry or is it cunning the way it looks and sounds from the average viewer like me, who has no clue about what goes on from the inside?

A: In my experience, there are very few gentle souls and more of the opposite “to put it kindly”. Even though I was introduced to doing porn in a comfortable way, I eventually learned that the most experienced people in the industry are more business minded than anything else. For me as an independent escort that’s totally understandable although I think the most memorable people I have met while doing porn have always been the ones who can manage to be both business minded when its time to work and be more honest and kind when the camera stops rolling. Don’t get me wrong though, I can appreciate a business minded person just as equally but unfortunately not everyone is out to see you get the best deal in the business.

Q: I am surprised there aren’t that many male porn superstars. Coming from a guy who watches a lot of porn, from the top of my head, I can only name two, which are Ron Jeremy and James Deen. I have never felt a strong connection with the male performer. As a viewer, I desire to feel an emotional connection to the actors, as most of us do when we watch a great dramatic movie. It seems most men like to be blurred or mostly not seen on camera, due to the, as some see it, “degrading nature of porn”. What do you think is holding back men from becoming stars?

A: I will definitely say that Ron Jeremy is one of my favorite male talents but mainly because of seeing him on other TV shows and not just in porn. He is a unique character who the camera loves in a different way. I know him more for his television appearances in various shows so I think he is more memorable to me because of his appearances outside of porn. I met and partied with him in Vegas once when I worked a booth at the AVN convention one year. He is funny and he knows how to fuck good! I think with male talent today, it is not the same because most guys don’t work to make themselves a brand outside of porn like Ron did. I think its also harder for men to be bigger because its women than dominate the industry as the talent. I don’t know of any other advise to give to men other than work harder to be bigger not just in porn but also in the regular media spotlight.

Q: If you could give yourself one piece of advise before you got into the sex business, what would it be? Also, what advise would you give to the woman who is searching on craigslist right now for porn ads and knows absolutely nothing about the business except that she could probably get a job due to her beauty, what would you tell this lady?

A: The one piece of advice that I would give myself before I got into the sex business in porn would be to fully commit if you are going to do porn. I had a boyfriend who didn’t know I was an escort and I had just done my first porn scene at the time we dated and because of that, I think I held back and did not take all the opportunities that I could have to enter big in porn. He later found out I was an escort and doing porn when he saw my escort email that I accidentally left open on my laptop (FML). We split up after that but if I could do it all over again from the beginning, I would do it as a single girl and I would go all the way. The advise that I would give to woman who are searching on craigslist for porn jobs who know nothing of the industry is exactly what you said. You have to know first hand that this is a job where your only qualification is how attractive you look with cock and cum in your mouth and when random guys fuck you on camera. It sounds degrading but you have to like it or at least be okay with it to some level. My escort experience definitely helped me process this much easier than I could have expected because I understand that it is still a business.

Q: It seems like you need a big pair of balls to be in your business. The strongest women I’ve ever met in my life have been escorts and prostitutes. To me, this trait is a very big turn on. Where do you think you got the mental strength and open mind to handle the social pressures of this profession which is often looked down upon by most people?

A: I do what I love. I enjoy the sex and fast money and it makes me happy. I know that my profession is looked down upon but I’ve learned to get passed it. I get called a whore regularly by men and women (especially when Im having sex lol). It use to bother me when I was starting out as an escort but it doesn’t bother me now. Like I said before, you have to be committed and love what you do to find strength in yourself. I enjoy my life everyday and cannot picture myself doing anything else that’s more enjoyable than getting paid to have sex all day.

Q: I’d like to transition to talking about your escort career and why you chose to start engaging with the escort business instead of focusing on porn full-time. What was the reason you became an escort as it would seem that the escort business could be dangerous and less profitable?

A: I was slowly introduced into escorting right out of high school. I was having sex at college parties and guys would buy me expensive gifts in exchange for blowjobs and booty calls and I did it for so long that eventually the gifts turned into actual cash. It was easy for me to start escorting because I felt safe and comfortable with the men I hooked up with from the start and I couldn’t turn down good money for something I enjoyed doing already. Eventually I branched off to placing escort ads on Backpage and I’ve even escorted at several brothels in Tijuana. I was hooked on the rush of having complete strangers book appointments to come to my hotel to fuck me by the hour. I think I enjoy escorting today not just because of the fast and easy money, but because I do enjoy the rush and satisfaction of having sex with complete strangers that I’ve only met for a few minutes just before they fuck me. Escorting has a dangerous side so you have to be careful especially when someone is new to the business. I will say that it has given me the opportunity to travel to many places which Ive always enjoyed.

Q: What is it that you wish every man knew before meeting you and what would you say is your signature trait that you hold, that a man would walk away and remember after spending one hour with you?

A: I wish every man knew before meeting me that I am here for the same reason they are. I escort because I like to enjoy myself with men sexually and also in companionship. Men come to me because I offer a fantasy in real life and the best thing that any man can do is to be honest about the way they want to have sex. Being open and exploring yourself is what has brought me so much satisfaction. I think my signature trait that I hold that keeps men coming back for seconds is more than just my physical looks. I always strive to make men feel comfortable when I do a booty call or blowjob session. I try to always connect in some level with every client I see. I do have a 42 inch big round ass and a 36 inch waist and even then, men tell me they remember my bubbly girl-next-door personality as much as they cant stop thinking about my big round ass 🙂

I would like to finish off the interview with a few simple questions. I’d like you to answer with just one or a few words.

Q: How old are you?
A: 24

Q: Where were you born?
A: Born in Buffalo but raised in San Antonio Tx and I escort and do porn in most major cities and also escort at brothels in Tijuana and Vegas.

Q: If you could only use one sex position for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A: Anal doggy style while getting my hair pulled and ass slapped… Its my favorite!

Q: Do you have instagram and/or snapchat? If so, what is your username so fans can find you?
A: Snap me @escortmelaniele

Q: Do you prefer incall or outcall?
A: Incall but outcall is fine too. Im also available for quick Car Date BJ’s and backseat Car Date Bang & Go.

Q: Do you offer blow job without a condom at no extra charge with a session with you?
A: Yes, I do enjoy giving deepthroat bareback blowjobs and can take cum in mouth, facials and I also swallow : )

Close Out

 Just from the small amount of communication I have had with you, you have been immensely sweet and genuine to me and I hope one day we cross paths in the future. Again, I want to thank you for allowing me to conduct this interview and publish it on thewhoremonger.com. If you have the desire, I’d like to give you the opportunity to share anything that you so wish before we close out the interview.

I just want to say thanks for taking the time to interview me, I’ve really enjoyed it. And to anyone out there wanting to book me next for escort sessions, bachelor parties, photo shoots, personal or professional porn scenes, or to dance at your gentlemen’s club, please feel free to email me 1st at escortmelanielee69@gmail.com and be patient for my reply because I do get a lot of request and always try to reply as soon as possible. I hope to be your companion soon and enjoy our time together, in and out of the bedroom.

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