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Florianópolis, Brazil – Sex Guide / Brothels / Clubs

Florianopolis is a magical island with many beaches, parties and beautiful women. It’s also one of the most safest places in all of Brazil. All the working girls are located in the Center of town (Centro). As you walk through Centro you will be encountered by men handing out little fliers detailing where the brothels are located. They will even escort you to the door if you have trouble locating the address and it’s very safe.

Sex Clubs

Dolce Veneno Club
Address – Rua José Augusto de Faria, 63
Phone – (48) 3371 9979
Price – 250 Reis for 1 Hour
Review: Nice place with beautiful girls. It’s more like a clinica and not so much like a club, which is what I like. Only complaint is that the girls here do not do bbbj (with condom only).

Bokarra Club
Address – Rua Menino Deus, 173
Phone – 48 3223-5726
Price – 500 Reis
Website – http://bokarra.com.br/
Review: Very hot girls but beware of overpriced girl drinks. Small club.

Sex Night Club
Address – Av. Mauro Ramos, 152
Phone – (48) 3322-4858
Price – 200 Reis for Sex and 100 Reis for the Room
Website: https://sexnightfloripa.com.br/

La Maison
Address – Rua Vítor Silva, 11 (Not in Centro, it’s located just over the bridge)
Price – 200 Reis for Sex, addition costs for room and drinks

Brothels (Located in Centro)

You are not going to find the best of talent in the brothels in Centro. Each girl has something wrong with them, but at that same time – you may find one with a busted face but has perfect tits. Or a nice girl with a model type face but has a little extra skin around her belly from the kid she plopped out a few years ago. So, these are the type of girls you will be dealing with in all likelihood. I will try to list more addresses in the future but as there was a major crack down recently, many houses went out of business.

There are also apartments run by the girls independently and these girls are much more attractive. Due to the cracking down of brothels in Centro, girls are now setting up their own place where they can work. It is legal if they do it this way – since prostitution is legal, but running a brothel is not. Check out this link (http://www.vivalocal.com/acompanhante-erotico/florianopolis-outros) to find these girls. They provide their WhatsApp numbers, just message and set up a time. They will then give you their address, it’s pretty easy.

Bela Gata Floripa
Website: http://belagatafloripa.blogspot.com/
Price: R$ 160 reis
Hours: 9am – 8pm

Casa das Danadas da Ilha
Address: Rua José Jacques, 29
Price: $80 Reis

Parade 111
Address – Rua Padre Roma, 111
Price – 60 Reis for 30 Minutes

Address – Rua Hoepcke, 82
Price – 60 Reis for 30 Minutes

Belas de Campinas
Address – Edifício Jowi, 239
Phone (WhatsApp) – (48) 8469-7363
Price: 100 Reis for 30 Minutes
Hours: 9am to 5pm Monday thru Friday & 9am to Noon on Saturday