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Florianópolis, Brazil – Sex Guide, Escorts

Updated 11/12/2019

Florianopolis is a magical island with many beaches, parties and beautiful women. It’s also one of the most safest places in all of Brazil. All the best girls are located over the big famous bridge in Sao Jose. There are some options in the center of Florianopolis (Centro) but the quality of talent is sub par. Years ago centro was abundant with whore houses but after a crackdown in recent years, the houses have closed and moved across into Sao Jose, which is essentially in Florianopolis’ back yard. Floripa offers sex clubs with Bokkara and Dolce Veneno being the most famous of them all. I however prefer the whore houses over the bridge.



Casa das Danadas da Ilha
Address: Rua José Jacques, 29
WebsiteCasa das Danadas
Price: $180 Reis for 1 hour
Review: The only real whore house in Centro that has stood the test of time and is currently operational. I’ve been there twice and both times I didn’t see a girl higher than a 6. They recently just colored the outside of the building. It now looks presentable and is not the ugly baby blue color that it was. Read my full review.

Sao Jose

Both of these places listed below are great and have pretty girls. The houses are located in a suburb of Sao Jose called Campinas and have been in operation for years. I would say they are equally good. Belas is a small apartment and Angel’s is bigger and more comfortable. In both places, the girls give you a bbbj without a problem.

Angel’s Massagem (My #1 place)
Address: R. Irmaos Vieira, 483 (go through the silver door located to the left of the building and walk up to the second floor. No need to ring the bell. Just walk right in)
Phone: +55 (48) 9839-5857
Hours: Opens at 10am Mon-Fri, not sure what time it closes.
Price: 120 Reis for 30 minutes
Review: At one point, this was the only place that I knew and I’ve been here numerous times. They always have pretty girls. It’s located right on top of a restaurant that is open during lunch time (which is actually very good and cheap). If you do come during lunch hours, fill your belly up afterwards.

Belas de Campinas (My #2 place)
Address: Rua Josue de Bernardi, 239 – Room 510 (Located on the 5th floor of a building called Jowi. For some reason, the address is no where to be seen on the building to identify it. Just get as close as you can with Google Maps and look for “Jowi” on the building)
Phone: (WhatsApp) – +55 (48) 9863-3519
Price: 100 Reis for 30 Minutes
Hours: 10am to 6pm Monday thru Friday & 10am to Noon on Saturday
Review: This is my #2 place that I like to go. It’s a small apartment with about 5 girls but all the girls are cute. The maddam is very happy go lucky and fun. You can take the elevator up to the 4th floor and walk up to the 5th. Or, just walk up the 5 flights of stairs, as I do. There is a security desk where the elevator is, which is the reason why I just take the stairs if the elevator is occupied.

Sex Clubs

I am not a frequenter of the sex clubs, however I still list them for you here.

Dolce Veneno Club
Address – Rua José Augusto de Faria, 63
Phone – (48) 3371 9979
Price – 250 Reis for 1 Hour
Review: Nice place with beautiful girls. It’s more like a clinica and not so much like a club, which is what I like. Only complaint is that the girls here do not do bbbj (with condom only).

Bokarra Club
Address – Rua Menino Deus, 173
Phone – 48 3223-5726
Price – 500 Reis
Website – Bokarra Club
Review: Very hot girls but beware of overpriced girl drinks. Small club.

Sex Night Club
Address – Av. Mauro Ramos, 152
Phone – (48) 3322-4858
Price – 200 Reis for Sex and 100 Reis for the Room
Website: Sex Night Club

La Maison
Address – Rua Vítor Silva, 11 (Not in Centro, it’s located just over the bridge)
Price – 200 Reis for Sex, addition costs for room and drinks

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