Frankfurt, Germany – Red Light District and Eros Centers – The Whore Monger

Frankfurt, Germany – Red Light District and Eros Centers

My first steps ever taken in Germany happened to be in Frankfurt. I was flying from Macedonia and the cheapest ticket I could find was to Frankfurt. It was about 2 weeks after the Germans won the World Cup so I knew the overall happiness of the people was going to be high. Frankfurt just so happens to be a great starting point, as you can travel to the major cities by train in easy fashion. My plan was to take a train to Berlin and then to Hamburg afterwards. As I always do before traveling to a new destination, I do my best at researching the sex scene of my destination. As I researched Frankfurt, I learned that it had a pretty good red light district however I also read that it was littered with bums, druggies, and odd characters but it did say these people never bothered you. So what’s the problem? I saw a hostel on hostelworld with a great rating which was in the heart of the red light district. Seeing as I was just interested in whoring it up, I didn’t want to get bogged down in having to socialize with other travelers. Therefore I picked the cheapest hotel nearest to the red light district so I could have my own room and not have to feel pressured to put on a smile and socialize. I just wanted to relish in the whores and relax.

Clearly there were a bunch of druggies because every 25 minutes I would hear a loud siren of an ambulance go by which was probably caring to an overdose or something along those lines. What I read online was pretty accurate. As I traveled through the red light district for the first time heading toward the large Eros Center located there, the odd characters never bothered me once. They all wanted what I wanted… A good buzz, a sexy whore to cuddle up to and a little bit of money to buy an ice cream after you finished your deed.

I had no idea what to expect as I approached the Eros Center. I have never been to one and I never really heard much about them. From everything I read it sounded like a dream, almost to good to be true hence why I was a bit weary but nothing was going to stop me at this point. The building was quite large and I assumed there had to be tons of woman inside. I walked around the entire building trying to located a bar so I could stake it out a little bit while trying to see the type of people walking in and out of there. I found a place that I was able sit down with a cold beer and a nice view of the entrance. One thing that shocked me were all the indian (India) men walking into this place. It wasn’t exactly the business people clientele walking through those doors which on a positive not told me prices wouldn’t be to high but at the same time I had to be aware of scammer prostitutes.

I finally got off my ass and started making my way towards the entrance. It’s only natural human instinct to feel a bit embarrassed going into these places but I try to imagine how these women feel which is probably nothing compared to what I am feeling. I can’t imagine as a woman, having to go here everyday for work but someone has to do it and they are making a decent amount of money. But why did I feel embarrassed? The only people that could have seen me walk in were drug addicts and odd characters. Maybe it was the fact that this whole thing was very new for me and I didn’t know what to expect. As I am walking throughout the eros center, going up and down the stairs and through the hallways, I see Indian men, middle eastern men, black men, Chinese men, and some men that didn’t even look like they had a dollar to their name. It seemed like the no-dollar-men were only in the eros center to stare and creep on the girls. I didn’t see any security while I was in there so these men were freely allowed to walk in and out just like anybody else. Surprisingly I passed a lot of beautiful woman. As I got to the top floor, I came across this blonde woman that struck me in one way or another. She had that Paris Hilton look to her, blonde, tall, and skinny. She stated 50 euro for 30 minutes. It cost me another 20 euro for a bbbj. The blowjob was nothing special, just a normal robotic blowjob that I’ve had many times before in my life but I was horny as hell so it still did good to my soul. After I left I started to reflect on my prostitute’s room. She really made it look like a bedroom in there and decorated it as best she could. You could tell she spend a lot of time in that room. It was a bit erie.

I never strayed any place else. At the time I was oblivious to what FKK Clubs were so I never bothered with them in Frankfurt and I haven’t had the pleasure to go back.