French Massage – The Whore Monger

French Massage

I arrived at my massage 8 minutes early
I waited i’d say about 7 or 8 mintues
she nor i was late
the ceiling had blue lights
everything lit dark
and soothing music played
i hear steps coming closer
as i pretend to read a magazine while waiting
i give a quarter head turn
it’s an old fart
i look back to my magazine
and he sits next to me waiting too
i wasn’t sure weather to say hello
i felt the spa’s atmosphere gave me an excuse not to
then i sense another person coming
this time i give zero head turn
the presence gets closer and doesn’t leave
“charlie, i was hoping it was you”
“yes, fanny, im here” i said
she then says something in french
and then starts walking
i just stood there
“ah you don’t speak french” she said
“come here, the massage room is over here”
the french like playing with awkward
well i’d tell you about the massage but theres nothing really to say besides it being very good
no happy ending however
i gave a $60 dollar tip
and booked it again for the following week

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