Globalization Dating – The Whore Monger

Globalization Dating

It’s the oddest thing in the world, as a man, to feel so wanted and loved by the opposite sex in one part of the world and then to be so outcasted by the opposite sex at home.

In Thailand, most women look at you with a dollar sign on your forehead. They smile and giggle, all innocent and cute. That still feels good. Although it’s always better when they are smiling just because they feel flattered by your genuine interest. American women have lost the art of playing the flattered girl next door. There is too much bark in their step, like a dog waiting to show you their teeth at a shelter. It makes you not even want to engage.

People tell me, “what a loser you have to be to travel to another country in order to get laid.” “You can’t get a date here so you travel to places to pray on vulnerable poor women! How dare you!”

Yes dear, I go to countries to find better prospects and opportunity no different than a company that goes to India or China for cheaper labor to make a better profit. The women in America are synonymous in which the government operates. They try to over regulate your life and are constantly down your throat. I don’t travel to other countries to “pray” on women. I travel to other countries where beautiful women are plentiful and who reciprocate the respect you give them.

Miami had a good thing going for a while. Then just recently, starting with the Robert Kraft shakedown, the government made a huge crackdown on the Florida escort scene. Just recently, the owner of was arrested for his involvement in child pornography, which if true then shame on him. But because of it, almost every major agency has pulled out of the business due to fear. It’s only a matter of time before the scene restores itself. There is simply too many women coming from South America looking to make 4-5 times as much with their vagina in one session than back in their own country.

I am no different than a South American woman wanting to make it to America in order to capitalize on their beauty. And there is nothing wrong with that. There are far too many men in America who settle for the shitter. The 30 year old wife with the flabby arms and shoulder length hair cut always ready to give you the slap that you settled for.

Here’s to all the men out there that are considering a new way of life. That bought that ticket to Brazil and kept the dream alive. Embrace the globalization dating game, because it’s real and better than ever.