Hamburg, Germany – Adventures of Eros Centers Geiz Club and Prostitutes – The Whore Monger

Hamburg, Germany – Adventures of Eros Centers Geiz Club and Prostitutes

Ever since becoming a big Beatles fan, I have always wanted to go to Hamburg Germany to see the naughty town that I’ve read so much about and to walk the streets the Beatles did so many times before me. Having been to Frankfurt and Berlin before I reached Hamburg, I became very fond of the Eros Centers Germany has to offer. Each city within Germany, even the smaller cities, each have a Eros Center. They are usually about 3 stories high, more or less, with about 35+ rooms. Each girl has their own room. The building consists of hallways and rooms and the girls are usually standing in front of their doorway in skimpy lingerie unless they are occupied with a customer. My first Eros Center experience was in Frankfurt, which happened to be a very good experience, was the city that I flew into only because it was the cheapest entry point. So naturally I thought all Eros Centers were great which is far from the truth, especially in Hamburg.

I booked a 4 night stay at the Altan Hotel which is located in the heart of St. Pauli, Hamburg’s best location at a really affordable price. From here I could get to anyplace I wanted, mainly Hamburg’s most famous area/street called Reeperbahn. This is where you will find all the sex workers in Hamburg including my favorite place called the Geiz Club. The only thing I disliked about the Geiz Club was their advertisement claiming only $39 euros for sex which is a complete lie. Upon entering, I encountered a long staircase which led up to a room with a very nice square bar with stools to sit on and I was easily able to find an open stool. Across from the bar was a circular table with around 10-12 girls sitting there. I ordered a nice tall drink and enjoyed it while taking in the beautiful view of all these girls (mostly eastern european). Each time my eyes darted their way, I had about 20 eyeballs gazing into my eyes. It was a little hard to get used too but I managed to take a few more hits of my beer and ordered a couple of Jagermeister shots to build up my force field. After about 20 minutes and towards the end of my current drink, the bartender lady informed me that I had to either take a girl soon or leave. I thought that was fair and shortly after taking my last couple sips of beer, I selected a tall blonde with nice tits. Seeing as they were all sitting down I was unable to see ass holes, therefore I wanted to at least guarantee that I had a nice pair of tits to play with. We negotiated and agreed on $100 euros for 40 minutes which is the standard rate, not $39 Eross. She led me to a big room which included a toilet and shower. There was even a nice radio player that she turned on to add to the ambiance, as my mom would say. We agreed on an extra $20 euros for a bbbj. She took out her tits and I was pleasantly surprised to see these perfect C cups. They were easily the nicest pair of tits I have ever seen and played with. I made sure to keep her on top so I could play with them as long as I could. As I had a good buzz on from the Jagermeister, I asked her some questions. She was from Greece. I asked if she had a boyfriend and she adamantly said it would be impossible, not because of the moral factor pertaining to her work, but she wouldn’t be able to handle the work-load of sex her boyfriend would want out of her. So because she’s already fucking all day to make a living, her pussy wouldn’t be able to handle such a relationship. I told her if she ever decided to quit the business I’d be more than willing to sign up for the job, however I was never able to get her number and she nor mine. No surprise. Her blowjob was just average but she rode it on top quite nice and for the price, I was a happy man. I figured I would at least come back downstairs to the bar and have a few more drinks until the lady bartender told me to buzz off. Rightly so, after about 2 drinks I was warned and out of there.

Next up was the Eros Center. It is quite big and not too far away from the Geiz Club. Again, I was back at it, sipping on my Jagermeister before going in to get rid of those nerves. My feeling is that the more nervous you are, the better chance a whore is going to try and fuck you over. You need to go in with some guts. Typically at a Eros Center in Germany, you can pay $50 euros for a quick suck and fuck so as I am walking in, that’s my intension. General rule of thumb, the higher the floor, the cheaper the whore. I almost always opt out of the first floor. These woman are the most cunning and they have to be since they are paying higher rent. They will almost always try to fuck you over and they won’t necessarily be the best looking. I like to walk all the way to the top and see it all, what’s the point if you don’t. After going through the Eros Center my number 1 pick was on the 3rd floor. I went back to see her and she was still waiting outside the door looking very sexy. She was very tan, big tits, and mediumly tatted up. We agreed $50 euros for a fuck and suck. As soon as we both had all our clothes off she tells me the $50 euros is just for the time and it would be another $100 dollars for the suck and fuck. I should have taken a $50 euro loss and walked out the door beccause clearly I was dealing with a hustler. However like an idiot I reach in and give her the $100. She then starts to “suck my cock” but she ain’t sucking my cock. Her body is positioned in a way so her ass is facing me and because of her big hair, I can’t see her mouth sucking my cock since she is facing away from me. As she is “sucking” with a condom on my dick, I can sense that it’s all an act and she was simply was just using her hands and pretending to suck my cock by bobbing her head up and down. I tell her to stop so we can fuck. I propose a position and she tells me it would cost extra. I refuse to pay extra so she does the position she wants and gets on top of me, facing away. This then really pissed me off. She was pretending to have sex with me. She had her hand on my cock and was bobbing up and down so my cock was just in front of her pussy – with her hand on it. I told her to get the fuck off. I put my clothes on and told her that I would never come back to this Eros Center ever again. On my way out as I pass the rest of the whores, I told them I would never come back because of the girl in room 22. “Girl in room 22 is a thief! GIRL IN ROOM 22 IS A THIEF!”, I said. I couldn’t go to the police obviously so that’s the only thing I could do. I never went back, sure every place can have a bad stinky egg but after this incident I never went back. I just stuck with the good ol’ Geiz Club.