Holiday Cheer – The Whore Monger

Holiday Cheer

I’m finally back in Florianopolis. I took the plunge in going back to the USA for the holidays. When you are living out of the country for most of the year like I do, you have to go back or else they think you are too good for them, or that you no longer love them (my parents that is).

Returning to my apartment here in Floripa brought up the same feelings as when I graduated from high school. Total relief. That feeling of whatever was in the past is in the past and done. Gone. Kapeesh!, as the old italian gansters would say.

I can’t be a whore monger forever. I must admit. This weekend I cheated on you all. I had a little romance in my life for once. I’ve been talking on and off to this chick for about a year. I must have told her about a dozen times that I was “really” coming to see her and then I would bail at last minute. The drunk “I’m coming”, followed by the sober “sorry not coming”. Not this time however. From Miami, I flew right to her after a brief connection in Sao Paulo. Her town, a little place called Maringa. I loved it. If I didn’t care for a beach, I could see myself settling there for the rest of my life. It’s a town that is heavily populated with asians – which is always a good thing. Clean, peaceful and prosperous.

Upon arriving at my hotel (which she recommended to me), I set out quickly to find some whiskey, water and coca-cola. We had a dinner date for later that night. In no way shape or form was I going to show up sober. Up until then, it’s been over two years since I went on a date that didn’t involve the transfer of cash for flesh.

We met at a fancy Italian restaurant. She picked it, not I. As time got near, she kept pushing the dinner time back which I happily accepted as it gave me more time to sip on more whiskey and coke. I had told her not to wear any makeup and only wear as little as possible. She doesn’t know it, but having seen pictures of her loaded up on makeup, she looks likes a highly unattractive tranny. Brazilian girls are naturally beautiful and in most cases, do not need makeup. She was a good listener as when I arrived, there was a beautiful black Brazilian girl (with the nicest tits I would soon to ever play with) sitting at our table.

You could hear a pin drop in this place. We had the entire restaurant to ourselves and it felt as though every waiter was watching our every move. She soon came to realize that I can’t speak a lick of Portuguese. I saw shear panic in her face. And then her eyes started to water, ready to cry, while my eyes darted to the menu acting like everything was normal. I whipped out my google translate and said that she was free to go and that I was sorry for my lack of Portuguese. Then she started to laugh. I didn’t get what was going on. Is this woman crazy or am I? As for dinner, it was okay. I just got whatever she got. Meat in cream sauce. Not my kind of meal but I took it down. Followed by the check and an Uber together back to my hotel.

Before I had even arrived, this woman made it clear that she was planning to stay the night at my hotel. After learning about her current living situation – living with two roommates in a crappy apartment – I could see why she wanted to stay with me.

Her watery eyes at dinner finally made sense. Blood in the sheets. She was on her period.

4 days together
sex was good, could have been better
she denied me sex a few times, i don’t like that
if i pop a boner at 3am while you are sleeping and want to fuck you
you have to take it
don’t worry, i got lube
next time i’ll make the rules clear and give her one more shot
after those 4 days together
i danced as she left
alone again
the next morning at 3am i took a 10 hour bus to Sao Paulo
there for 2 days
nutted about 8 times in the clinicas
then a flight to floripa
where i now rest in peace
the holiday cheer and chaos that surrounds it is over.

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