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Curitiba, Brazil – How to Find a Brothel in Curitiba

I was brainwashed to think Curitiba was a nice lovely city. Don’t let the pictures of the botanical garden (Jardim Botânico de Curitiba) fool you. I stayed at a hotel downtown near the big mall which was a mistake because there is nothing really to see. The only advantage of being downtown is to be near the brothels which I guess is pretty important. But there are better options. If you want to be in a pretty area with nice bars and restaurants, stay in Santa Marta. This is where they have places like Sheridans Irish Pub and Taco El Pancho. Taco El Pancho was my favorite joint. At night they have a mariachi man that goes around pouring shots of tequila straight into the mouths of daring customers followed a head shake. Curitiba is not a walking city. Everything is pretty stretched out and there isn’t a subway to get you from point A to point B in a flash like Rio de Janeiro. The do have a bus system but as a tourist that would take forever to figure out. So if I were to do it all over again, I would stay in Santa Marta and when I got horny, I would simply take a cab to see the whores in Centro.

I looked online and did a quick search and found nothing with regards to brothels in Curitiba. I am a fan of and they had absolutely nothing on this town (I later added the brothel I found to their website, I care about my whoremongering brothers). Like I say in my other posts on other Brazilian towns, there is nothing to worry about since I can always rely on  to find a brothel. I wrote down 3 addresses to 3 different brothels just in case my first option was a dud. The first place I chose had very good reviews and they also had a website. I like a brothel that has a website. It tells me 3 things: It’s an established place, the girls are probably hot, and they mean business. The place I chose was called Sinal Verde Sexy (Av Marechal Floriano Peixoto, 134, 3rd floor apt 403). I went there a little after noon. It’s in a building that has a lot of people going in and out which was good. I walked up 3 flights of stairs until I reached the door. I was greeted with a warm smile by a nice looking Brazilian girl. I was led to a waiting room. After waiting for about a minute, the girls came in to greet me 1 by 1. The talent was pretty good, not as good as say Bel Prazer in Rio de Janeiro but I was very pleased. I selected a beautiful petite brunette. She could not have been older than 20 and she was sweet. Something told me she was new and did not have much experience as being a paid whore which was a big turn on. She would not give me a bbbj, even after offering her an extra 50 reis (I was paying 80 reis for 30 minutes). After sucking that plastic on my cock for about 2 minutes she got on top and rode if very slow and sensual for about 5 minutes until I came. As I was staying in Curitiba for 1 week, I knew I would be back. It was a total gem. Two days later I was back. Since my previous girl didn’t give me a bbbj, I had no obligations to select her again so I didn’t. I wanted a curvy Brazilian that was going to wrap her lips around my naked cock. I told the madam I wanted a girl who would perform a “chupadina sem preservativo” which means a blowjob without a condom. I’m not sure how many girls they had this day, but 5 girls came out to introduce themselves, all willing to suck my cock without a condom. I picked a think blonde girl with big tits and a big classic Brazilian ass.

I must say, Sinal Verde Sexy made my stay in Curitiba worthwhile and I was sad to leave it.

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