I Must Tell You About Natalia – The Whore Monger

I Must Tell You About Natalia

I met this girl named Natalia, which I have deemed the prettiest girl I’ve ever made love to, in Blumenau, Brazil at a whore house called Casa da Camila during Oktoberfest. The following week I returned again, which was last week. Our first sessions together were clinical, as if sex were some sort of treatment to cure an illness I had. Always it was..

her on top
doggy (why is it we always have to tell them to put their legs closer together in this position? I like my legs on the outside.)
a nut
rinse in the shower
back to the bed
another blowjob
“hey can I stand on my feet?”
“yes”, she says
“oh also, can I come in your mouth?”
“yes, but that will cost another 100 reis”, she says

That was the playbook each time we saw each other. She’s the only girl that I ever met that looks into my eyes submissively while her lips are puckered around my baseball bat each time I looked down there. Naturally she is shy and reserved. The problem is is that I am too. There was your average amount of awkwardness but good thing I can blame it on my poor Portuguese. Oh how poor it is. Although I’m finally going to start to take classes come this January.

I think back to when I was 19 and to think I am here with her during this stage of her life. At 19 I was still just a baby with a lot of learning to do. But how lucky am I, to be able to buy a slip of 19 year old youth. A slip she will never get back. I think time is the most precious thing in this world. I’d rather be 19 and broke than a 55 year old with billions in the bank.

I’m not in love with Natalia. I’m too old for that. If I were in my early 20s, I’d let my heart run wild for her like a fool. But in an imaginary world where I could have a sex slave, she would be numero uno on the list. When I returned the second time, I was looking to see if I could suede her. Maybe if we saw each other enough times we could become somewhat friends and possibly more. I tried this a few years ago while in Sao Paulo and it happened to work. The only problem is that Natalia is too beautiful. To her, my dismal attempt at trying to win her over might feel like a light breeze on her neck compared to the hard pushes she encounters from the young studs in her social sphere.

Whether it was good acting or not, when I returned the 2nd time the following week, she was bright eyed (smiling with her eyes, oh I love seeing that look) and gave me the biggest kiss on the lips. I wasn’t ready for that kind of reception and because I was driving, I didn’t have a lick to drink before arrival. Due to being dry, the session went quickly. It always takes me longer to cum the more I am liquored up.

The following day, Friday, I returned at the same time, 5pm. Although this time I had my magic drink and few beers before taking an Uber. I’m a much warmer person when I got king alcohol in me. This time I was making her laugh, how I don’t know, and having a great time. It didn’t feel so clinical like all the previous times. Only problem is that it takes longer to cum. A one hour session turns into a two hour session. But I’m always prepared with the blue pill in my wallet.

Saturday, our last day together, is a day I’d like to have back. I started drinking a little too early. Normally I’d give myself an hour to drink before the session started. On this particular day, I started about 2 hours early. The only part of the session I remember is when she told me that her jaw was so tired from giving me oral that she couldn’t do it any longer. It was a 3 hour session and I never came due to drinking before hand. I wasn’t upset that she tapped out, but because I gave her a good tip prior to the start of the session, I was expecting her to oblige to all my commands. However, she ended the session after the 3rd hour. I went to take my shower to rinse off, put the clothes back on and be on my way. But I couldn’t leave without a good nut. I had yet to nut. As we neared the exit, I said, “okay if I take another girl?” She quipped back really quickly and non emotionally, “yes no problem.” As it was late in the night, I chose one of the two girls remaining and off we went. After an hour of oral with the second girl (bless her soul), I finally came.

After a move like that and choosing a different girl, all dreams of falling in love with Natalia are over. As of yet, I haven’t heard a peep from her nor have I spoke or made any inkling to return.

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