King of Thailand – The Whore Monger

King of Thailand

The King of Thailand
him and his son
plastered all over the country
on billboards
on buildings
especially on buildings of luxury
if there is one man I would fuck in the ass
it’s the son of the Thai King
I am eating breakfast
on the wall there is a picture of the Thai King’s son
he is now the King because his daddy died
there is a picture of him with real flowers around it
real flowers
they have learned to control their people with the Buddha
as most leaders do with religion
i’m having a beer for breakfast
the bacon wasn’t so bad
two eggs
but I don’t eat the yoke
nor the tomatoes and lettuce
and the coffee is dismal
the kind of coffee that you have to mix with the water
like it’s hot chocolate
it can’t get any cheaper
or worse
than that
I need a lighter

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