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Lorrane (escort) From Brazil

My one week stay in São Paulo just ended. This girl named Lorrane had been on my radar for a long time. While she was in Rio de Janeiro, I listed her in my report but I had not previously seen her. There were a few guys that reported having had a session with her and gave feedback that the session was one of the best that they have ever had. She was now in Sao Paulo for a stint and I was not going to miss my opportunity to have a session with her. Due to her popularity and demand (I assumed), I wrote her a message the day before I wanted to meet with her. After 2 hours, she responded asking what time I would like to meet her.

“Anytime past 11 am”, I said.

She had time to fit me in at 12 noon the next day and I gave her my word that I would be there. She gave me the address of her hotel, which was only about a 5 minute Uber ride away from where I was staying in Vila Nova Conceição. Once I arrived at the hotel she said she would then give me the number to her hotel room, which she did. I was stopped at the front desk for a brief ID check and then I was through to the elevators.

One quick buzz ring on her doorbell and I heard, “click, tap, click, tap”, from her high heels getting closer and closer to the door. Then, there she was standing  with a big smile and that beautiful red hair of hers in classy, but scantly lingerie. It had been awhile since I’ve been awe struck by such beauty. Immediately we narrowed in on each other like the opposite ends of a magnet and gave each other some sweet soft kisses on the lips. To my surprise she could speak English pretty well. She had freshly packaged clean towels, like you see in the clinicas, and offered me the bathroom to shower up before our session. I had just previously showered about 15 minutes prior but it’s always best to shower when you arrive if you want the best possible session, as it lets her know that you are freshly clean. I don’t dare risk not receiving a bbbj.

After I came out from the bathroom and into the hotel room, she was giving me that sexy stare down as if she was just sitting there the whole time waiting for me to come out. She then got up and made her way strutting towards me. Again, some very nice kisses and I ran my hands behind her ass and laid them there to rest. She has a beautiful ass but I did notice that it wasn’t totally natural. It’s an enhanced, but, beautiful ass. However I didn’t care, I came for those tits which were still locked in her bra. She knew I wanted to see them. She gave me her back and I carefully unlocked her bra. Out came the most beautiful bazookas I had ever seen. All natural and I couldn’t keep my hands off of them.

The show went on. We moved to the bed. I quickly got the remaining of her panties off and finally I pulled off my towel to reveal my skinny baseball bat. She looked delighted to see it. Only because, I think, I keep it very clean down there. She then went to work on her bbbj, which was a bit disappointing, and would alternate between blowing me and giving me a boob job. It didn’t last long, maybe a minute or two. The boob job did feel good. It reminded me of those old Jenna Jameson videos of when I first saw a boob job in a porn video. She asked if I wanted to put a condom on for sex and I welcomed the idea. It was her show. I had her get on top so I could continue playing with those perfect tits.

She’s the kind of girl that looks you in the eyes as you continue to have sex. It’s cute and I appreciated the gesture but I couldn’t handle it. After a few flashes of our eyes connecting, I kept mine pinpointed on her tits. She let me have her in multiple positions. After about 15 minutes of good sex I came while she was on top.


Overall: I could tell she was a good person with a kind heart. That’s rare to see in this profession. Maybe it’s because she is still so young (only 20 years of age). It seems after some time, most women become a little rough around the edges in this line of work. If all I wanted was a 30 minute blow job, she would have given it to me. I let her take control of the whole session. She was just doing what she thought was best. I don’t think there is anything more that she could have done. I was just another boring nervous stiff, what could she do. Even still, she was very caring and sincere, I can see why so many men fall in love with her. That’s how it appears anyway. From what it looks like on twitter, it seems as though guys are constantly flying her all over the world.

If you are a tit guy go for it. Best tits I think I’ve ever felt. And the sad thing always is – after about a few hours, you forget what those tits felt like and you go back to gazing at pictures of them with the same wonder.

Sex: 10
Kiss: 10
Blowjob: 7 (yes does bbbj)
Pussy: 10
Ass: 8

Contact and Rates

Cost: 500 Reis for 1 hour
Phone: Show Whatsapp Number
Website: Show Lorrane's Website
Twitter: Show Lorrane's Twitter

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