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May 17, 2018 (Meet Erica)

Lately I haven’t been giving you any attention. I will try to write you at least 2 or 3 times a week. I’ve haven’t stopped my mongering, just the travel part. After all that traveling, I found what I was searching for (Brazil). I am currently in Florianopolis. I found a Clinica (which is a nice way of saying a “brothel” in Brazil) that I like to go once every week, usually on Friday. I see the same girl every time, Erica. I don’t think it’s her real name because there aren’t too many Ericas in Brazil and also, she hardly looks like an Erica. She is a petite woman, a bit shy, wears those hippy bracelets around her wrists and has beautiful small firm breasts.

The Clinica she works in has a nice atmosphere to it. The two old fat madams are always smoking cigarettes and laughing in the kitchen. It’s on the second floor of a walkup building. Although there is nothing on the first floor, just a door you walk through that brings you to the entrance of their second floor apartment. Once upstairs, all the girls available are waiting for you in the room which is a bit different than normal (normally you are lead to an empty room and the girls come in one by one individually to introduce themselves). I like their method, this way I don’t have to worry about remembering their names after they introduce.

She just wrote me tonight, wondering where I’ve been but I know what she is doing. She just wants to confirm that I’ll be attending our normal Friday visit. She wrote me tonight a bit more than she normally does. She started asking me about my iPhone and how she wants one. I’m not going to buy her an iPhone. But I went along with it and gave her some false hope and put that subject to bed. I am a bit disappointed because I didn’t think Erica would be the type to hint at me trying to buy her a gift. I have two phones, a Samsung and an iPhone. I almost never walk outside, especially when going out at night drinking, with my iPhone in case I lose it or even worse have it stolen which has never happened to me yet in my 4 years in Brazil. Since my Samsung ran out of data and I didn’t have time to refill it, I brought my iPhone with me to the Clinica. So mistakingly on my part, that is how Erica knows about my iPhone.

I’m headed to bed, I can’t keep my eyes open too much longer. I am a creature of habit. Tomorrow I go see Erica. Unless something goes wrong, I’ll keep seeing her for the next month and a half until I have to return home.

yours, The Whore Monger

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