Medellin, Colombia – Encounters with Brothels Prostitutes and Strip Clubs – The Whore Monger

Medellin, Colombia – Encounters with Brothels Prostitutes and Strip Clubs

Before turning into a proud whoremonger, I came to Medellin back in 2012 before the town blew up with gringos and now over 2 million tourist have been here in 2015. When I first came back in 2012, I just started to get my business off the ground that allowed me to travel and work at the same time. I didn’t have much money nor could I speak very much Spanish. I stayed at a hostel right next to Parque Lleras called the Tiger Paw Hostel. From traveling and mostly staying in hostels during my early 20’s, this hostel turned out to be a gem. Run by an ex-marine, it was run well with a full bar and pretty Colombian ladies working there. (Update, after visiting on my recent trip, it’s not the same Hostel anymore, he must have sold and now it looks dodgy and run by low-lifes, such a shame) He was my hero. Shortly after a 3 day stay at the hostel, the owner offered to rent me one of his apartments better located in Parque Lleras. I took him up on his offer and booked it for 1 month. Spending every night usually in Parque Lleras started off with beers (delicious Club Colombia Roja) and the classic Aguardiente liquor. I didn’t really fair that well, whether that’s because of my lack of Spanish or clothes, probably both. I did meet these 2 girls on a Friday in a short period of time in Parque Lleras. I didn’t get laid, just kisses and a phone number. They were in their upper 20’s and probably a little desperate but they were cute. The next night they pick me up in their car and went to get dinner high up on mountain top over looking the city. In order to keep the conversation going I kept those beers coming. Out of the two, the girl most interested in me was not going to have sex and the other was there just to accompany her friend. To keep it short, I didn’t get laid that entire month. Every day I was seeing the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my entire life and I wasn’t getting nowhere.

Fast forward 3 years shall we:

Loutron (Pablo’s Place)

Address: Calle 12 Sur # 10-245 Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

This time I came back for payback. I did lots of research and found out that Medellin can be heavenly if you got a little cash (don’t need much at all!) and know where to go. I just thought about all those pretty goddesses that I walked by and now I am going to be able to have sex with all of them! My favorite type of establishment is a erotic message parlor or sometimes referred to as a brothel. I read that one of Pablo Escobar’s ex-mansions is now turned into a famous brothel with the best quality of what Medellin has to offer. The name of the place is called Loutron. Upon arriving you will see a large gate and a security officer will allow you in and direct you to the entrance where the bar is located. Opening the door was an older beautiful Colombian woman who I assumed was the madame. She asked me if I would like a drink or if I wanted to meet the girls right away. I chose to have a nice drink to calm my nerves down. After the drink the madame escorted me to the “meeting room”. They all came in 1 by 1 and it was an unbelievable site. I picked a tall one with big tits. After paying the madame 150k Pesos for 30 minutes, she brought me to a room that was very clean that had a shower. I washed off my balls and laid on the bed naked waiting for her to enter the room. She gave a great BJ and within 5 minutes of her on top, I was finished. Again, I rinsed off and was on my way. The local men that go here are not at all ashamed of being there. It is a great atmosphere. There are even men playing pool, enjoy drinks and having a good time. I could hang out here all day.


Address: Carrera 44 # 30-27, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
Price for Sex: $50 usd
Phone Number: (57+4) 232-1878

I am from the United States of America where at best you can touch and feel a stripper’s boobs. Here in Medellin at FASE II (Dos) you can watch a girl dance on stage and if you like her, pull her aside after she dances and instead of going to a backdoor room in the USA to get a private lap dance, here you get a private fuck! I love this place and this is where I was when I went out at night. It’s quite a big place, has that natural strip club feel to it. They have tables to sit at if you come with a group of guys and they have really comfortable seats along the bar to drink and watch the girls dance. As I was sitting at the bar, a blonde comes up to me with large natural tits. I gave in almost immediately. I started to negotiate and even though she wouldn’t budge on a BBBJ, I still agreed. She eventually let me take a quick photo of her big jugs which you can see. Most of these ladies will give you their whatsapp number if you wish to see them outside of the club which is exactly what I did with big boobs.

I found these big Pepperoni nips at Fase II.

The best part about Fase II (Dos) is the hotel that is connected to it. This is where the That’s all I got for this town.

You don’t need to learn Spanish nor live there for many months to get laid.