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Medellin, Colombia – Sex, Strip Clubs, Hot Girls

Updated: February 2020

Finding sex in Medellin is easy. Finding a girlfriend in Medellin on the other hand is difficult. Other than Brazil (which is the #1 country in South America to find great sex), Colombia is a great alternative with Medellin being the go-to spot. Luckily for me, most of the idiot gringos get to Medellin and think they found heaven and never make it to Brazil. I’m not trying to knock Medellin, I would still go back, especially for the weather (due to it’s climate, it’s spring time year round in Medellin). One thing that I really liked about Medellin women is that long black hair that they all have that goes all the way to their ass crack. Just gorgeous women everywhere.

Use this special Google Maps to see a full list of all xxx establishments in Medellin.

Massages With Sex

The Only Quality Massage in Parque Lleras
Name: Show Name
Address: Show Address
Whatsapp: Show Whatsapp
Website: Show Website
Info: Located right in the heart of Parque Lleras. A total treat for those staying in that area as you do not need to take an Uber or walk far. For one hour it equates to about $25 bucks (90,000 peso). Can’t beat that.

Casa Blue Room

Address: Av. 33 ##7863, Medellín
Website: Casa Blue Room
Info: Upscale establishment with nice chicas, go to their website to make a reservation (Use the whatsapp chat on their site)

Fantasia Energy

Address: Cra. 74 #101, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
Website: Fantasia Energy
Info: A good solid brothel with sexy Colombian chicks.

The Secret Spa

Address: Cra. 70A #43-52, Medellín
Website: The Secret Spa
Info: There are primarily two types of massages on the menu. (1) a massage that specializes in a blowjob and it’s cheaper. (2) a full service massage that entails sex.

Tantra Medellin

Address: Carrera 80 No 44B – 139, Medellin
Website: Tantra Medellin
Info: A good tantra massage in Medellin that also provides full services ($130,000 peso/1hr)


Address: e 9 500, Cl. 16a Sur, Medellín
Website: No Website. Perform a google search for more info and pics.
Info: It’s really too bad this place doesn’t have a website seeing as it’s the most high end (although it needs work) and the most beautiful girls work here. It used to be one of Pablo Escobar’s houses that is now one of Medellin’s best brothels. Prices start at $250,000 peso.

Strip Clubs

Strip clubs in Medellin are not at all like the strip clubs found in the US or Europe (thank god). The strip clubs in Medellin have a hotel either attached or located right next door. If you see a girl you like, either on stage or working the strip club floor, you can pay the strip club a small fee to take her to the hotel and have sex. Of course, you will need to pay her as well, which is a price that is negotiated between the both of you.


Address: Carrera 44 # 30-27, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
Website: Club Fase Dos
Price for Sex: $50 usd
Phone Number: (57+4) 232-1878
Info: My favorite strip club in all of Medellin. Always felt safe here and it’s just a short cab ride away from Parque Lleras. What I really like about this place is the stools along the bar. It makes it easy and comfortable for solo goers like myself to enjoy they venue without having to take up a whole table just to myself. Plus, by sitting at the bar, I could easily watch the stage and also smile at the girls as they pass by the bar all night.

San Diego Club

Address: Cl. 37 #45 15, Medellín
Website: No website. Perform a google search for more info and pics.
Info: Like Fase II, you can fuck the mamasitas on site. Goes to about 2am in which it closes. It’s not expensive and it’s good fun.

Luna Lunera

Address: Av. 33 #63b-215, Medellín
Website: Luna Lunera Club
Info: A strip club unlike any other. It’s a very personable strip club with a lot of booth seating. Each seating area is designed to have its own stripper pole so at any one time, you could see multiple woman putting on a show.

Where to Stay

If it’s your first time to Medellin, don’t try to get cute and stay in an area that is not safe. Medellin is a very tricky city. It’s not a walking city, so you can get lost easily. All the neighborhoods are very spread out and most people travel by metro. There are many blogs trying to tell you about all the different burrows and what not. Just keep it simple – stay in a hotel or Airbnb near Parque Lleras. It’s the most beautiful area loaded with bars, clubs, and restaurants and it gets going every night. You will never have an issue with safety and you will have the most amazing time. Is it expensive? Maybe for the average Colombian but with the USD in your pocket, I doubt finding a place will put a dent in your wallet.

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