Termas Monte Carlo – Rio de Janeiro – The Whore Monger

Termas Monte Carlo – Rio de Janeiro

For a long time, I just put this place down. For what? It is cheaper than Centaurus and surprisingly it’s better. I was checking out a new massage parlor in Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro), around the metro stop Siqueira Campos (that’s where all the action is). It was around 4pm in the evening, there was only 1 girl to present herself in the massage parlor. The rest of the girls were taken and I was told to wait 40 minutes if I wanted to see the other girls. I opted to leave. I never like waiting. So then I thought, what now. I can’t go back to my apartment, I must do the deed. But where? Where can I go. So I hailed down a cab, I told him Monte Carlo and stated the address. He said, “fella, we just passed it.” What? I didn’t realize Monte Carlo was here around this area. If I had the money and were able to buy a place here in Rio de Janeiro, it would be here in Copacabana around this metro stop. I know Ipanema is the spot, it is much cleaner and more beautiful but to be able to eat lunch and walk down the street and choose from a plethora of massage parlors is a great blessing. I’d rather take the metro to Ipanema beach when I am tempted to go to the beach.

Monte Carlo is right next to Oceano Copacabana Hotel, how sweet.


It’s not the most glorified entrance but what lies behind it is magical. I was always told that this was the place that ripped off gringos and was a total dump. It’s the total opposite. Sometimes in life things surprise you and you get caught off guard, this was one of those moments. As I walked by, a big black man bouncing the door waved us in with a big smile. I was already coming inside but it was a warm gesture nonetheless. Two female girls, not too hot, but they were in their sport coats and welcomed me professionally. I thought it would be better if they were in sexy lingerie but how they do it is just fine by me. They spoke great English and gave me the deal. So I agreed. They gave me keys with a little rubber band connected to the key, so the key could wrap around our wrist. The key has a number on it, if you order a drink at the bar, they take this number to add it to your bill and also if you take a pretty girl.

So robes and flip flops are on and we are ready to enter the madness and all the eyeballs that await. I was completely sober which was not a good thing. As I entered the room with all the ladies, I was getting mind fucked, I looked like a total weakling. This is not good, you want to show strength to all the ladies. More strength equals more respect and more respect equals more opportunity and more opportunity equals cuming on their face and fucking them in their ass. None of which happened during my visit. I was a total bitch and I was played for my default bitchy ways. I like to think I am macho but I am not. I am a guy that likes to keep life simple, stay in my room alone and masterbate to hardcore porn.

As I waited sipping on our beer, I saw this young petite brunette chick. I knew I wanted her. I waved and she made her way towards me. At this time, there was only 2 other men in the “meeting room” due to it being early (only 4:30pm at this point). I went to the bar, they had Brahma Chopp on tap, which is very popular among Brazilians and I enjoy it. What I like about this place, is that the girls do not shove themselves onto you. The meeting area is actually very classy and clean. Each side of the room have very comfortable couches and tables for your drinks. The couches weren’t as comfortable as the seats in an old 60’s caddy but they were still comfy. What happened to those comfy car seats? All we have now is sporty uncomfortable heat warming seats lead by BMW. So it was time, time to fuck and my girl and I went upstairs to the bang room. I did not negotiate which was a bad mistake, especially for a veteran like me. I know the deal, what is even more sad is that I opted for the hour, which costs extra. As I was waiting, the elevator opens and it’s one of the girls from the front desk. She asks me if everything is ok and right, if the bill is correct. We look it over and confirm that what is stated is correct. It was very professional and my respect for this place went up (higher) even more. So off I was to the rooms with my girl. Once in the room, I showered and came back to the bed where she lied. We start to kiss and she undresses. She then proceeds to go and blow. It was great but I felt she shorted it too quickly. She puts the condom on, which I did not stop her from doing, and off and away she went from sticking it into her pussy. Boy was it tight.. I forgot that about petite women, they have tight pussies that create sour cream when you fuck it. I wish I had a fat cock but I don’t create sour cream with most girls like I’d wish to. So, we got into doggy and after about 3 minutes I came into the condom, eyes rolled back into my head. I went and took a shower and came back to the bed. This is where everything went wrong.

I proceeded to touch and make attempts for a repeat sex session. She wasn’t having any of it. To her, the session was over, even though I paid for an hour. I wasn’t happy at all. But then again, I started to replay all my actions in my head from the past hour. How I was acting from the moment I walked in, I was a bitch and she was the bitch player. What could I do?… all for a sudden start acting like a black pimp and have my way with her… nope. It was over. However, you think this episode would make we write a bad review, but deep down I know that would be misleading and after all, I liked this place. I was still happy about my session even though I was ONLY  able to come once… hell, some men only come once every 5 years with a vagina. So I put my underwear back on, went to the bathroom and put my flip flops back on too, by the time I came out she was all dressed back up and ready to hit the game again back downstairs. Apparently she doesn’t believe that I live in Rio, and when I come back, I am going to give her the BIG NO THANK YOU. She is young and she will learn. On a side note, she had these tattoos that looked a little faded on her leg, which didn’t seem right because she was a petite little girl. I asked her about the tattoo and she told me she had it done when she was 14 years old. I know one thing, if you’re getting tats at 14 years old, you’re getting fucked too. I have sympathy for her because that clearly says she came from a hard beginning which makes sense to how she acted with me.