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Montreal – Escorts, Brothels, and Sex

I would describe the escort agencies in Montreal as “Brothel Delivery Services”. There are many escort agencies in Montreal and they all have websites that list the girls working that day including pictures, age, price and a short description. You make a call, choose your girl, set up a time and the girl arrives to your apartment. You can also wish to incall. Most agencies have a space downtown in which you can drive to.

Before she arrives, leave the money in an area where she will see it when she walks into your residence. Then on her way out, she will pick it up, count it, say thank you, and leave. Usually men pay for 1 hour, which on average comes out to about 200 Canadian dollars (168 usd). The girls in Montreal treat you right. Most will give a BBBJ and will give you a great GFE (girl friend experience). They do not try to hustle their johns like escorts in places like Miami and the rest of the USA. Even though it’s considered illegal in Canada, it’s like the law never passed as business carries on like nothing has changed.

Escort Agencies/Brothels

So now you know how it works, here are some of the top escort agencies in Montreal in no particular order.

Euphoria Girls – What a pleasure it was using their service. One easy call and a girl named Sofia arrived as scheduled. Beautiful girl and attitude. She fucked great and gave a good bbbj. Probably the best escort agency on earth. I thought about moving to Montreal for this alone.

XXX Tase – Another highly rated escort/brothel service with good looking women.

There are many more websites but the ones listed here are the top and you should find what you are looking for.

Etiquette & Rules

As I got into a bit earlier, there are some things to be known when calling an escort to come to your hotel or apartment. In Canada, people are very polite and the ladies expect to be treated like a gentleman would treat any woman. Your hotel should be clean and you should be showered and clean before the lady arrives. When answering the door upon her arrival, you should be dressed and not just in your towel ready to plop her on your bed. Money should be put in an unmark envelope and handed to her upon arrival. She knows why she is coming, and that’s to fuck, but there must be that buffer period before hand in order for things to start off smoothly. Remember, she will be dropped off by a driver working for the escort agency and she will need to relay back to the driver if everything is 100% okay. By following these simple rules of etiquette, you will get what you want in return.

Once inside, you should offer her some kind of beverage. If offering her wine or champagne, the bottle should not be opened until opened in front of her. It is perfectly ok to offer these girls water as most do not drink, however it is still a nice gesture to do so. Also during this time, she will want to use the bathroom to either shower or prep herself before the fuck. For me, the average time is about 10 minutes before making it to the bed, which is not very long before the fun begins.

Massage Parlor Scams

Littered around the city are xxx massage parlors. My eyes lit up when I saw these red signs beaming in the windows throughout the city. After living in Rio de Janeiro for a long time, I figured these were whore houses just posing as massage parlors. The first Massage parlor I went to was located around St. Catherine Street in downtown where the shopping is located. I received a very bad massage and a lousy handjob and I was out 100 CA dollars. I was not even able to select a girl. Once I arrived, I was led to a room and I was told to wait before being able to be introduced to the girls. One girl entered the room and I was told there was no one else.

If your into paying 100 Canadian dollars for a massage and a handjob, I guess they would not be considered scams but to me, the whore monger, it’s a scam all the way through. Do not go to a massage parlor if you are looking for sex for you will be looking in the wrong place. Some of these places advertise “body-to-body” rubs but what is the point of walking out of a place hornier than when you walked in.

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