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My Brief Stint with an STD (Gonorrhea)

I was in Thailand of all places. This happened about 3 years ago when I was traveling throughout Thailand and Vietnam. I contracted the virus when I was pit stopping in Phuket while I was on my way back from the beautiful Ko Phi Phi Islands. I decided to lay low in Phuket for a few days as I was recovering from a serious hangover that Ko Phi Phi tends to give almost everybody. Some people (typically aussies) don’t even make it out alive as I learned that at least one person dies during each full moon party. After hearing that stat, I thought it was best not to attend the full moon party however I did take a stroll out on the beach at 7am the next morning just to check if there were any dead bodies lying on the sand. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any.

So after a few nights in Phuket, I thought it would be fun to go play some pool with the bar girls. It can be quite fun. If you beat one of the bar girls in pool, the beer is on the house, if not, you had to pay and most times those girls always win. I can’t quite remember if I ever won because I always had a few too many drinks to remember in the morning. So that night I played a lot of pool and drank a lot of beer which probably meant I lost a lot of games. I brought my bar girl back to my hotel that night which is how I contracted the virus Gonorrhea which sounds so nasty. I was wearing beer goggles that night. This woman had white makeup all over her face when she woke up in the morning and I wasn’t sure why. Why did I choose her and why was she wearing white makeup? I can tell you this makeup was not created by my natural body resources.

That night I remember having sex with her without a condom which was the first time I have ever done that with a prostitute. It was incredibly dangerous and I was very lucky to walk away with only Gonorrhea. I didn’t feel the effects right away. It took about one week for me to feel this slight burning sensation as I went to pee and by this time I was in Chiang Mai. The day after I felt this sensation it only got stronger and it hurt even more. I was renting a scooter for 3 bucks a day and I took that baby and I scooted my way straight to the Chiang Mai hospital. Upon arrival, I was given a time slot which meant that I had to come back later that day. I went and grabbed some sushi while I waited. I needed to be in a soothing place with a soothing atmosphere because at this time I was nervous not knowing what I had. I kept remember saying to myself, “I will never have sex with a prostitute again, I will never have sex with a prostitute again, I will never have sex with a prostitute again.”

I drove back to the hospital, waited in the waiting area and filled out the paper work. They asked me what type of tests I wanted done on me. I told them every test they had including HIV. After taking blood and urine tests and sticking a swab into my penis, I was finished. They speculated that I had Gonorrhea so they gave me medication. They told me if the medication didn’t work in 2-4 days to come back to the hospital immediately. I then payed my bill which came out to about $300 USD and off I went back to my hotel. After a few days the burning sensation rescinded and I was a very happy man. It was a big scare for me and the experience taught me how important it was to take sexual encounters seriously. From that point on I did not engage in any form of sexual contact the rest of my trip in Asia. My time in Vietnam afterwards was spent absent from sex which was unfortunate because the Vietnamese women were much more beautiful.

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