Natal, Brazil – Salsa Street (Rua do Salsa), Cia Da Beleza, Senzala – The Whore Monger

Natal, Brazil – Salsa Street (Rua do Salsa), Cia Da Beleza, Senzala

I read bits and pieces of information online about Natal and came away from my computer with doubts and a bit confused. I just spent 3 days in Ponta Negra, Natal from Thursday to Sunday and I made it my mission to uncover the truth and to see where the pussy was hiding. I heard about this street called Salsa Street located in Ponta Negra however unless you typed in “Rua do Salsa” into google, an address would not render on google maps. Also on my radar was a place called Cia da Beleza which is an erotic massage parlor (brothel) and Senzala which is a gentleman’s club to solicit prostitutes. It was my goal to uncover all of these places before Sunday.

Salsa Street (Rua do Salsa), Ponta Negra

As it turned out, I liked Salsa Street the best. My first night in, I originally planned to go to Senzala but opted to take a stroll down Salsa Street just for kicks. Salsa Street is very easy to find. If you are coming from the main road, there is a sign that reads, “Taverna Pub – down this way” and it points in the direction to go. The Taverna Pub is located on Salsa Street and it only took me about 1 minute of walking to reach it from that sign. However, do not waste your time with the Taverna Pub because working girls do not venture inside. After reaching the taverna Pub, take a left and on the right hand side of the street, you will find yourself a basic bar with outdoor seating. This basic bar is one of the prime bars to meet the working girls. I do not know the name of the bar, I was too busy looking at the beautiful hookers walking by. Now, there is another bar which is the main bar to meet the working girls. Instead of turning left after reaching the Taverna Pub, look to your right and you will see a shrimp restaurant (I think it’s called Festa do Camerão) and the bar after the shrimp restaurant is the gold mine to meet women. Like the other bar, it has open seating but a lot more tables therefore there are more women and because of the layout, it’s far easier to meet women there. The prostitutes tend to walk back and forth between these two bars when they are unable to find action.

After having a few beers at the first bar, I was really surprised to see how open and accepted this circus was. I thought it was going to be a very discreet atmosphere but it was the exact opposite… not something I expected from a richly catholic city whose name literally means “Christmas” when translated to english. During the night, troves of cars drove by with men leaning out their windows peering into the bars for a look at the women, the majority of which were older men. My piece of action came when I had to take a piss and the bathroom in the main bar closed down for some strange reason. Maybe some guy locked it from the inside to bang a chick, I am not sure. So I decided to head to the other bar to take a piss however the entire bar was closed down due to the night growing old so I walked to the next bar which was located right before the popular forro dancing bar called Rastape. Inside were two hot girls having a drink. I took my piss and then ordered a drink. I knew that if I didn’t approach these girls, I was going home empty handed. So I made my way to their table and after not too long, I agreed on 250 reis for a bang. The bar happened to have their own personal driver which patrons could use, he was a very nice young man. So he brought the 2 of us to a motel not too far away, only about a 5 minute car ride. The motels are very discreet in Brazil and this one was no different. We decided to buy the deluxe suite which had a very large outside space with a large jacuzzi. It was very luxurious which came at a surprise however we really didn’t care about the tub of hot water, we went straight to the rooms to get acquainted. My girl was a little short but had that classic Brazilian figure with a nice ass. It wasn’t until she stuck her tongue out to give me a blowjob that I realized she had a tongue ring and as I played with her pussy I felt a pussy ring and to boot she had her right nipple pierced as well. All of which turned me on tremendously. She gave a great blowjob without a condom.

I made it my richual to go there every night and the faces of the old men and the regulars became familiar. Thursday night was good. Friday night was the best as we saw a plethora of young beautiful woman working the bars and Saturday just being average.

Senzala (Rua Neuza Farache, 3562 – Capim Macio, Natal)

I decided to go check out Senzala on Friday night. Per my ritual, I was hanging out at Salsa Street having a few drinks before heading off to Senzala. I didn’t want to leave as Friday night on Salsa Street was getting very busy and the girls that were showing up were gorgeous. But I stuck to my plan and took a cab to Senzala anyway, around 11:45pm. Senzala does not look very charming from the outside. It has these blue painted walls and it is located on a quiet street. It cost 30 reis to enter and they give you this card with a number on it. I don’t ever remember using this card and I forgot to give it back as I left, which now is my souvenir. There were not many people as we entered, only about 8 guys and around 5 or 6 girls. It has an open outdoor seating area which consists of 1 stripper pole and it has an area where customers can receive lap dances in a backdoor room. Apparently after talking with the girls, I arrived too early as the action doesn’t start picking up until 1 or 2 in the morning, that’s the time when the girls start to put on a show.

Shortly after I sat down at my table, a beautiful girl with dark hair and a nice figure from Sao Paulo invites herself to sit down. After some brief talk about sex, prices, and location, I agreed to the price of 350 reis. Since I arrived early, she claimed we could go fuck in the lap dance room out back. So we agreed and off we went to the room which costs an additional 50 reis to enter. Once inside my girl started to strip and gave me a top notch sensual dance before eventually blowing and banging my brains out. This back room had a bathroom with a shower connected to it so I was able to wash myself down afterwards. After the fucking business we went back to our table for 1 more beer before I left. I talked a bit more with the girls, got her whatsapp number and left.

 Cia da Beleza (Rua São José, 1953 – Lagoa Nova, Natal)

I couldn’t find many eroitc massage parlors on gpguia except this one. I heard maybe there was a brothel behind the Sam’s Club that had good looking college girls but I did not have enough time to check it out. I decided to check out Cia da Beleza on Saturday afternoon. As I arrived, it looked just as it did in the pictures online. As I approached the door, a lady from the inside came to unlock it. I asked her if they performed massages and she nodded yes. Once inside they led me to the back where there are 2 massage rooms. The girl that answered the door and another girl were the only ones available. I think if I came on a weekday, I would have had more girls to choose from but these 2 were just fine. I was just looking for a decent blowjob. I chose the girl with larger breasts. I took a quick little shower to wash my balls. Once back in the room she immediately starts to grab my cock and starts sucking away (no condom). We then fuck for awhile and then I tell her I want that blowjob again. She then laid me on the massage table and started to oil my cock. She sucked and stroked it until I came. I then took a shower, paid her, and waited for the taxi to arrive. While waiting in the lobby, I noticed a girl having her hair cut by one of the employees. This place is not only a erotic massage parlor, but it is also a fully functioning hair salon, the first of which I have ever seen. Truly a special place. Maybe next time I will have my hair cut and then get a blowjob to top it off.