No More Bringing Home Black Chicks to Mother – The Whore Monger

No More Bringing Home Black Chicks to Mother

I think I’m done with black chicks. Why are they so territorial over their vaginas? Christ! I was giving this girl the world. Even though I am not proud to say so… I bought her a new phone, paid her next months rent and even gave her a little allowance. It’s always when I win a bet on sports that I reason buying these sorts of things for women. The only thing I asked for in return was an open and unlimited pass to her vagina. Her answer was a no and it continued that way. Her name is (or should I say “was” because I’ll never see her again) Priscila. I love that name. Her body lived up to that name, but her face didn’t. As of right now I am giving the boycott. No more attention, no nothing. She lives a 10-hour bus ride away. I said, “if you can’t give me unlimited open access to your vagina, it’s over.” I said it politely. Yea I’m a sex monster but not a monster in that I will force any human being to do something benounced to their will.

She of course said,

“I am not willing to have sex unless I want it too.”

Now don’t we all know what this means. Date a chick like this and in 6 months you’ll be having sex once every few weeks if you are lucky. And this is why it’s a double edge sword dating a chick in her late teens (18+) and early 20s. There is ALWAYS some form of training involved. Especially now with the #MeToo movement. These women are beyond miserable and they don’t even know it. Tattooed and pierced to death. Priscila then spilled the beans and told me that she had never had a serious boyfriend. This chick is 20 years old and has a body of a super model and has never had a serious bf. During our breakup text messages, I told her. “Now I know why you never have had a boyfriend”

“NO”, she says, “It’s because I’ve never wanted one.”

I gave her the emoji eye roll, knowing that what I said hit her straight in the heart. But sadly, for her, in a few years when those tits run their test of time, there will not be any men for that attitude. I’m guessing she will come around when she is 23 to an open policy but I’m afraid it’ll be too late.