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Osaka, Japan – Red Light District (Tobita Shinchi)

I expected a lot more from Osaka. The food was really good but the sex fell short in my opinion. I was there for 4 days and on the second day I decided to make a trip to Tobita where you can buy sex for around 11,000 Yen for 25 minutes.

Tobita Shinchi Location on Google Maps/w DirectionsShow Location

I was staying in Namba, which is the spot to be in. Lots and lots of pussy walking around. Like Shibuya in Tokyo, it’s very easy to meet Japanese women despite what all the other pussies have to say. All you need to do is just walk right up next to her in stride and try to talk to her. It’s a very common practice in Japan and if you can’t get yourself to do it, you won’t have any luck in Japan when it comes to dating. Enjoy some Saki and a few beers before doing it and I promise you will have fun, even if you come away empty handed. If you think being a white western male is magically going to pull women towards you, you are wrong! There are loads of Host clubs in Japan that girls go to and pay men to flirt an hit on them! The fact that you would be willing to approach for free in the streets would be a treat for them. And, you would most likely be the first foreign guy to ever hit on their hairy bush (George Dubaya). One thing about Japanese women, they are very respectful and extremely feminine. They will never give you a cold shoulder with a mean look and tell you to shoo away. If they are not interested, they will simply smile and give a nod.

Tip: I’m not the best dressed. I am usually the guy that looks and smells like a backpacker. If you are a light packer like me, try bringing one nice outfit that you could wear consistently.

Tobita Shinchi

When going to Tobita Shinchi by metro, get off at Ebisucho Station.

The station to get off at when going to Tobita Shinchi.

When leaving the station, you should see this view ahead of you. You will want to walk straight and veer a slight right when you are underneath the big tall tower.

The view when coming out of Ebisucho Station – Just take a slight right when underneath the big tower.

If you bought a Sim card at the airport, you should have no problem getting here (3,400 Yen for 14 days). Just type Tobita into Google Maps and you should be good. Another thing that really helped me – there is an app for the Subway, just type in your Starting Destination and you End Destination. It will give you the lines to take, where to transfer, and how much it will cost. All machines in the subway have an English option which makes it very easy to navigate.

The further I walked, the less people there were. A mildew smell started to come on, I could see the people were less well dressed. The bars were full at least. Broke looking Japanese men with broke looking hats on drinking. When you get very close to the red light, you will see this cafe to your left. The cane as the door-handle is a nice touch.

The past came softly calling and I remembered the times we spent inside the sad cafe

Finally, I came out of the mallish type corridor and whalah! I am surprised to see a beautiful neighborhood. Lots of white with these signs, all the same, along the houses. Maybe it’s to mark them as brothels, I am not sure. I got very excited and as I started walking, I knew I found the jackpot. I came and I found what I was looking for.

The streets of the red light district in Tobita

Right out of the gate, the girls were beautiful. The second girl I saw had big tits and looked mysterious, as all Jap girls do. I mumbled something and at first, I saw faces of delight. Then when they realized I wasn’t Japanese, they nodded (no thank you). Boy I thought. Maybe this isn’t going to work but I kept walking. I started to think, in real estate terms, that the spaces in the beginning, closest to the corridor where I came out of, were probably paying the most in rent. These girls were going to be charging more and due this ideology against foreign men, they didn’t want to risk Japanese men seeing themselves talking to a guy like me. As I started to stray away from the prime real estate, I had offers and even madams hooting and hollering at me, in a very quite Japanese way.

Just the madam sitting there while her girl is upstairs with a customer.

I finally come across a woman and her madam. I didn’t see a shrug of the head. They both urged me to come in. As I looked at the girl sitting on the cushion in a zen like manner, she looked beautiful. A bit of make-up but she did look good. At this point I had no other choice and nodded yes. The madam asked for 11,000 Yen and in return I would be able to enjoy a 25 minute session. I took off my shoes and went up stairs. Inside the room there was a little table with candy and soon the madam brought me green tea to enjoy before the session began.

The bang room upstairs. You can see the “mattress” and the little table with candy.

She began to take off her clothes and I did the same. I soon see as she takes off her shirt, a large belly consisting of jiggly belly fat and stretch marks. I was not expecting it and I immediately realized why I was accepted. There was no turning back at this point. I laid down on the “mattress” and she began to open a condom. She put the condom on and started to suck. It was ok as all CBJ are just ok. After about 2 minutes she expresses that she wants to lie down and go into missionary. I then see that classic Japanese pubic air. The one good thing about their pubic hair is that it is straight and not curly. It looks a bit cleaner and silk like. I pumped away for about 5 minutes I’d guess and then finished in the condom. She wiped me down and while she left the room to get ready, I sat at the little table and ate a chocolate bar. As we had time left, she came back to talk with me at the table. Seeing as I can’t speak Japanese, I decided it would be better to leave. Overall, I wouldn’t go back.

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