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Out-calling in Montreal

I thought maybe I’d come around to the outcall service in Montreal but unfortunately it didn’t happen. The outcall method fails for me. I wish it would work but the mental part of the whole thing is too much to begin with. I like to have a few beers before the girl comes over and a couple shots. I have to be loose or else I’ll probably scare the girl with all my fidgetiness and my awkward ways. My last outcall told me that it was rude to drink before her arrival.

I told her, “I did it for you, it’s actually because I have a big heart and I wanted you to feel comfortable with me.”

“I deal with shy guys all day long, it’s okay to be shy.”

“Yes”, I said, “but that’s you, I’m sure there are other girls who aren’t as mentally strong and would appreciate it if their customer was loose and friendly”

“I see your point” she said, “but I have talked with other girls about this matter plenty of times, we would all agree that our customer be sober and awkward than loosely smelling like alcohol.”

“Well, I see. Okay… the bathroom is to the right and I guess I’ll just wait here on the bed. Take your time…”

It’s the wait that is the problem. Once you call and schedule a time, there’s never not thinking about the time. Your heart starts to race every time you think about it and there is not a second when you aren’t thinking about it.

The other problem is the jerking off problem. More than half of the time when searching these websites I just end up jerking off to their pictures and once I finish jerking I’m glad I saved my money. It’s not so much I get turned on by their pictures, but more the fact that I just get tired about the thought of going through all the work. The drinking, the making sure they are comfortable and all that. I always end up jerking off and I say, “next time I’ll call.”