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Outcall vs Incall

Outcall and Incall are terms which indicate whether the whore/masseuse will come to your residence (outcall) or you getting your ass off your couch and going to her residence/work address (Incall). So outcall they come to you. Incall means you go to them.


Outcall is something that you tend to see more so in the United States, why because the United States isn’t known for having brothels to go to because there isn’t any, why because there are too many god damn evangelical christians. So typically the average guy that’s looking to get some paid ass will go to Backpage and look under escorts or of that sort. He will see a chicks advertisement and call her. He will then give his address to the whore and she will drive to his residence. Girls will either be independants (some girls say they work independently which is usually a lie, every girl wants to be protected, therefore there is normally a pimp waiting in a car not to far from your residence. If something goes wrong between you and the whore, i.e. say you decide to chain her up and lock her in your basement, expect the pimp to come crashing through your door with a chainsaw and dice you up Tony Montana style) or they are working for an agency (pimp). Either way, you fuck up and you are in big trouble.

Oh yeah, there are also asian message parlors in the United States which are very popular. I’ve never heard of anyone ordering an asian girl from an asian massage parlor and outcalling her. You got to go in there and listen to the fake waterfalls and soothing waves. Smell the aromas and enter the asian way of life. You can’t bring that to your home.

Outcalling a girl is not usually my forte. I am always fearful the girl will show up looking nothing like the picture I saw on the internet. My last outcall I had was in Cali, Colombia. I met her at a stripclub. She had really big tits and I fucked her at the stripclub (only $40). I wanted her just one more time. I obtained her whatsapp number before she left the first time. About 2 days later I didn’t feel like going out, so I texted her and she came over for the night. Again, not that expensive as it came out to about $150 US dollars for the entire night. And to think I was successful if I only dropped $150 on lapdances and drinks on a strip club in the United States.


My favorite. This is what I prefer, incalls. I like going into an erotic message/brothel and meeting the madam. I also like meeting all the women and having the choice to select any of the girls as I wish. I am not talking about the asian message parlors in the United States HAHA, that’s for the contempt losers who think the United States is the greatest country on earth while they go home every night from their pathetic jobs and can’t get pussy because the government has got them by the balls. No, no, I am talking about the brothels in South America, Germany, Thailand, and so many other countries where men can go and get their balls sucked for a reasonable price (cheap price hehe, especially with the dollar).

My favorite place to go for an incall is in Brazil. Brazil is famous for it’s prives, termas, and brothels. All of these of which you need to travel and go to them. These establishments are businesses that take pride in giving good service so you come back for repeat business. There are so many counties that I love where doing an Incall is a piece of cake. In Thailand there are blowjob establishments where you can go in(call) and get a blowjob (no condom) for $20 USD.

Incalls are typically not possible in the United States because soon enough, the gay FBI will close in on it and shut it down. That’s the US way. And which is why there is so much mental health issues amongst men in the United States…

all they want is a little lovin…