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Prague, Czech Republic – Show Park Market and Prostitutes

Before making way for Hamburg, I decided to make a quick trip to Prague, a place well known for blonde hair blue-eyed sex workers, at least that was my thinking. The city is very beautiful with it’s one of a kind architecture and the many tourists that visit it everyday. However the only architecture I was interested in were the curves of a boob and the way a neon light reflected off of it. Every town or city has “the place” for the sex scene. It’s the best place in town with the most beautiful girls and you never worry about being ripped off. Prague was no exception and I found “that place” very quickly. After talking with other whoremonger friends of mine that I have met throughout my whoremongering career, I was directed to a place I will never forget. I would possibly put this place in my all-time top 3 establishments. I have never heard nor read about this place in my entire life so I really wasn’t expecting much, or in other words my expectations were very low which can be a good thing. Some people tell me “you only name 1 or 2 places in these cities that you go to, if you were a true whoremonger you would visit every place in town and give us a report!” I am not here to be a/the “true whore monger”. When I find “that place” I stick to it.

You know something, I was tempted to do the ol’ go after the young tourist girls in the glitzy bars but that was the old me. I was, and occasionally still am, the idiot that spends $200 dollars on alcohol on a night out with nothing to show for it only to wake up the next morning with a big hang over and still horny as hell. I get terribly horny when I am hung-over and I will masturbate contently throughout the day.

I like to drink and I do get drunk about once per week. I like to call it “blowing my brains out”. I think it’s healthy for a man to do this. It’s just too much fun to get drunk and go to “the place” and have fun with the whores. Now “The Place” I am referring to is called Show Park Market. There are 2 of these establishments in the city. I have been to both and in my opinion only one of them is worth seeing which is the Show Park Market. The Show Park Market is probably the most non intimidating from any place I have been to. As I walked in, I was greeted by a cashier. I had to pay the equivalent of $15 USD to get in which was well worth it. They gave me a wrist ban and then I was able to pass the rotating gate as you see in subway stations to prevent unpaid people from advancing. I think they used this more to count customers coming in and out to make sure none of their employees were stealing money. The inside of this place was lit very well with a seductive feel to it. It’s dark with dimmed lights glowing in pink and purple, giving it that red light district aroma. The place is sectioned off in a very nice way. It has two wings with the main lobby in the middle where customers can grab a drink, use their free WiFi, or even gamble on their slot machines. If only they had blackjack I would have been in total whore heaven. The wings are long hallways that hook back to the main lobby which brings you in full circle, meaning you do not see the same girl twice if you walk straight through until you are back to the lobby since it hooks around. The ladies are usually standing halfway out of their door posing in their sexiest outfit or they are lying on the bed (usually on their stomach trying to show off their ass) tempting you to come in. Prices are shown somewhere on the wall inside the room. A 30 minute suck and fuck goes for around $50 USD. If you cum before the 30 minutes is up, the session is over so the girls try their best to get you off as quickly as possible. Management at the Show Park is very serious about honest dealing. If you feel any girl is trying to screw you, they make it known to come forward about it. That is almost unheard of these days and it’s why I love this place so much. The girls are very honest and straightforward and they expect the customers to be also. If I wanted things like a bbbj, which I always do since I am a BJ Connoisseur, I had to negotiate for it and I would always negotiate before I entered the room, since some girls don’t do it no matter how much money you throw in their face.

The ladies at the Show Park are extremely attractive and they come from all over Europe. There is a wide range of woman to select so no matter what your taste is, they have it.

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