Priscila Blue – The Whore Monger

Priscila Blue

I have always liked the name, I think mostly due to Priscilla Presley even though it’s spelt slightly different but it still sounds the same. I saw this website, I am not sure exactly how I found it but after some searching for a new massage parlor in Rio, I came across it and I was awe struck by the pictures. The girls looked cute and they weren’t trying to sell you with their big fake tits or fat asses. It was something different that I haven’t seen.

So off to centro I was. I took the Metro from General Osorio to the Carioca stop. It’s about 8 or 10 stops and the ride takes about 20 minutes. The metro in Rio de janeiro is very easy to use. One ticket costs 4 reis and that will take you anywhere on the metro. So compared to a taxi it’s a faster and cheaper option. Like many of the other massage parlors in centro, this establishment is located inside an “office building”. There is a doorman at the entrance but he doesn’t say anything to me nor anyone else. He is just there to answer questions and accept mail/packages. I made my way for the elevators which at first can be tricky. There is one elevator that only goes to floors 1-13 and the other elevator goes to floors 14-21. Most office buildings in centro operate this way, so it’s important to know which floor the massage parlor is located on. Luckily they don’t make it that tricky. Blue Spa’s room number is 903 which means it’s on the 9th floor so hence I chose the 1st elevator.

I finally made it to their door and rang the doorbell. The asked me to wait a second so a customer could leave and then welcomed me in. The lady brought me to a meeting room where I waited until the girls came in 1 by 1 to introduce themselves. It was towards the end where Priscila came in and I knew she was the one. For the most part, all the girls came off as innocent and sweet but Priscila wore it the best and she was the chosen one. After a short shower and back in the room, I waited for about 5 minutes until she came into the room, mostly naked. I sometimes wonder if these girls expect me to take more control. But I sorta just lie there and wait for them to come to me. We started by lying side by side and exchanged a few kisses on the lips. After feeling her up and down for a minute or two, she slowly started to make her way down and began to lick my balls. She then started to suck and gave a great blowjob. Not even 2 minutes goes by and I was ready to come which I then order to have sex. After about 5 minutes I came in the condom in doggy position. Since I opted for the hour instead of the 30 minutes, I am allowed to come at least twice. I went for the showers again and washed off my balls. I came back and again, after some cuddling she began to suck my cock again.. this time for about 20 minutes until I came for my second time. Throughout the entire sessions she did not complain once about anything whereas in the past some girls would complain about giving a blowjob for that long of a period. After another shower, I paid her $R150,00 and out of there I was.

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