Pulling Out Butt Hairs – The Whore Monger

Pulling Out Butt Hairs

i could never do my homework
even if i had nothing to distract me
i would find a way
i don’t mean to sound piggish
but this is actually true
the reason i thought of this
is because i just caught myself just now
at the ripe age of 29
and in a few days i’ll be 30
i’ve always had a lot of ass hair
the hair in my ass crack
that you can only see when spread
i always had this habit of
reaching in there and ranking out a cluster of hairs
each about 2 inches in length
some even are attached to their root
which is a little black ball at the base of the hair
the root is sticky
and it’s fun to stick the hairs to my fingers
when i am done with a particular hair
i rub the black ball root off the hair
it doesn’t hurt to pull these hairs out
the hairs closest to the butt hole are the easiest
and less painful to pull
most times i just pull the cluster of hairs
take a good look at it
surprised by how many hairs i actually got
then release my fingers and watch the hairs fall to the ground
then i will take my fingers and press them near my nose
and take a sniff
and usually my fingers smell like dirty poo
then i’ll try and get back to my homework