Rape – The Whore Monger


i had this dream last night
a man appearing to follow me
as i made my way home via walking back from the bars
as i quickly looked back again
i could briefly see the man transition into his walk from his sly running motion
right then i started to go into my half running motion
still looking back at the man
only about 10 feet away
we make eye contact
he belts out
“i am not following you”
i then go into full sprint
and he does too
“what are you doing” i said
“im going to rape you, im going to fuck you in the ass and you’re going to drink my cum” he said
the man had a little gay beer belly
but he had some speed
i wasn’t creating anymore separation
“i am going to beat the shit out of you”
“i will fuck you up”
“then do it” he said
“i will bite your dick off”
he then starts to slow down
as i look back running
he slowly came to a stop

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