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Recife, Brazil – Sampa Night Club & Prostitutes

I spent 2 days in Recife from April 4th-6th. The first night I decided to check out Sampa Night Club ( From what I read on, the average girl inside this place charges around R300. Like usual, I tend to show up to these establishments earlier than normal. It opened at 10pm and I arrived around 11pm. My taxi driver said that Nifas had better quality but he also said it was a further drive so I wasn’t quite sure if he being honest. I decided to go to Sampa and if it turned out to be a stinker, I was going to exit and go to Nifas.

I arrived at Sampa and the cover was R40. I paid and went to the bar and ordered a Heineken for R15. Two unattractive ladies at the bar tried to strike up a conversation and adamantly wanted me to sit down with them at a table. I agreed but I did not give much attention, these ladies didn’t have that sweet demeanor that I like and they were also not that attractive. After they left I opted for a table with a better view of the dance floor and the bar.

After sitting for about 30min, two girls make their way to my table, inching closer and closer. As I am drinking my beer, I feel a tiny paper ball hit my head. These girls were trying to flirt and I liked it. We struck up a convo with the help of my google translate app. I decided to take one of the girls to a motel called Motel Fantasy for R300. This girl was very beautiful and sweet, all smiles and it came off naturally. Once at the motel, we both took our showers and then proceeded to get into it. She started by giving a nice blowjob however I could feel her teeth from time to time which was a big disappointment considering I paid an extra R50 for her to give me a bbbj. She made up it later when she was on top and put my cock in her ass without me even asking for it. We fucked anal for about 3 minutes and then she proceeded to blow me until I came.

We then wrapped things up, I paid and got a taxi. I dropped her off at Sampa for more work and I headed back to my hotel relaxed.

Unsuccessful Brothel Trip

I tried to go to MD Massagens which had good reviews on and it also had a nice looking website so I thought it was a sure thing that I would find something. After a 15 min taxi from Boa Viagem, I arrived. It’s inside a shady looking building as they all look pretty run down in that area. As there were many people waiting for the elevator, I decided to take the stairs which took me 6 flights to reach the floor. Their door stood out being a bright red with a big sunflower out front. I rang the bell and a old lady, which was the madam, came to let me in. She led me to the waiting room. Only 3 girls came in to present themselves and all were non-fuckable. Old and fat and way beyond their prime, that’s if they ever had a prime. I told her I may come back later and got out of there as fast as I could. I hailed down a taxi and headed back to my hotel. At this point it was around 3:30. Who knows, maybe I got their too late and all the pretty girls had left.

I was pretty happy with the talent at Sampa and if I ever go back, I’ll stick with Sampa.