Review – Casa das Danadas da Ilha, Florianopolis (Centro) – The Whore Monger

Review – Casa das Danadas da Ilha, Florianopolis (Centro)

I went on a Saturday. Not the best of days to go. A weekday would be better for a review but considering that I don’t see myself going back unless I’m in a horny emergency, this will have to suffice. I went out of pure convenience. The house is conveniently located in Centro which is much easier to get to than going over the bridge to Sao Jose. Most of the good whore houses have now relocated out of Centro and over the bridge.

House Details

Address: Rua José Jacques, 29
Price: $80 Reis
Number of Girls: 3

The house was about a 5-10 minute walk after getting off the bus. Florianopolis is the only place in the world where I actually look forward to using a bus for transportation. Cheap, easy, fun, safe, clean, and always a pretty girl to be seen. Centro is always busy through out the day and safe to wander though. Many people shopping and walking about. On my way to the house, I was approached by a few men handing out flyers for other whore houses. These houses typically change by the week and only have 1 or 2 girls working. I opted not to go for it and stuck with the plan to go see the house of Dandas 734. Upon arrival, the house looked blue and a bit run down. The glass door entrance was slightly cracked open as I walked in. Once inside, there was another door to get through that was closed. I rang the door bell and waited for one of the ladies to finally let me in.

The whore houses in Floripa are a bit more blunt in the way they introduce you to the ladies. There is no formal introduction like in Rio or Sao Paulo. In Floripa, when you walk inside, all the girls are waiting in the room and it’s your job to scour them all and make a decision. It makes it much harder for you to walk out of the house if you don’t like the lineup. But I almost never walk out anyway. Even if there is only a 50 year old grandma available, I’ll still take her and just get a blowjob. At Dandas, there were 3 girls available. The girl that opened the door was by far the prettiest. She had a vibrant beautiful dark skin tone but seemed to have a nasty attitude so immediately she was disqualified in my opinion. The 2nd looked old and perhaps on drugs. The 3rd looked in her upper 30s but her body was still in great shape with all the classic Brazilian features. If I had to bet, in her day she was a beauty pageant star. She just stood there quietly with a slight smile and after about 10 seconds of debating in my head, I pointed at her. She led the way and we quickly went up the stairs to the second floor.

The room was rather big and included a full king size bed, a massage table, and two chairs that looked good for receiving a blow job in. I gave her cash and she went downstairs to give the money to the madam. They provided clean towels and off I went to take a shower before the session began.

When whore houses are this cheap, don’t expect to receive a bbbj without paying an extra tip. In this case, she insisted a 50 reis tip which I agreed to. She was a pro and after 5 minutes she had won the fight. After another shower to wash off, I was still hard and that was without having took a blue pill. I asked her for another session and she happily accepted. Round two went a bit longer but I enjoyed it just as much. We exchanged numbers at the end. She said she would drive to my location any time I wanted service. I don’t plan on taking her up on it but a nice gesture none the less. Maybe I will go back. There was something homey about this place. Run down and odd looking from the outside, but warm and fuzzy on the inside.

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