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Rio de Janeiro Sex Guide, Escorts

Updated May 26, 2019


I will explain the good, the bad, the deceitful, and the gems. This is not a guide that gives cloudy suggestions or recommendations. Everything in this guide is 100% from my own accounts and experiences. I have fallen into the traps and the rip-offs. Chances are you only have a week or 2 in this city and I want you to avoid any shortcomings and experience the best.

If for any reason you may have questions after reading my guide, you can contact me by accessing the Chat Group.

Quick Links

Part 1 – Getting Around/Local Knowledge

Rio de Janeiro is a safe city as long as you take the right precautions. Do not wear any jewelry, especially as a foreigner because predators will automatically think that the jewelry is real whereas with Brazilians, you don’t know if the jewelry is real or fake so it’s not worth it for them trying to steal. I even look Brazilian and I don’t wear a watch. Be aware when holding your phone in public, keep it close to you. If you have a Canon camera, do not walk around with it in a camera bag, put it in a backpack so nobody can speculate what you are carrying. When using atms, always cover your pin with your other hand when entering your pin. Thieves rig atms all over the city. I’ve had my pin stolen from me at least 3 times. Since I’ve been covering my pin, it has not happened since. If you follow these simple rules, you won’t have any troubles during your stay.



One thing many people don’t know is that Rio has one of the best Metro systems in all of South America. It is clean, fast, and very safe. During rush hour, there is security and they allocate certain sections of the metro train by gender, specifically for women so they are not at risk to sexual assault (groping). If you are staying in Copacabana near the Siqueria Campos metro stop (this area has all the massage parlors in Copacabana) and want to travel to Centro, you would want to take the metro headed towards Uruguai and get off at the Carioca stop which is 8 stops away from Siqueira Campos. Most of the massage/brothels are located near the Carioca stop in Centro. This ride from Copacabana only takes about 10 minutes. And coming back, you would want to take the metro headed towards General Osório. There are only two trains to choose from, each going in the opposite direction so it’s very easy to figure out. It cost 4 reis per ticket, which will take you anywhere. They will give you a reusable blue plastic card, which allows you to store money on, I recommend depositing 30 reis.

The buses in Rio are incredibly easy and safe to use. If you decide to live anywhere south of General Osorio, which is the last metro stop in Ipanema, you will be using the bus a lot. If you have Google Maps on your phone, it tells you which bus to take and the bus number. Just enter in your destination and keep an eye out for your bus. If you don’t have a metro card, you can pay cash to the cashier inside the bus. All buses have a driver (obviously) and a cashier man/woman sitting in a high chair that will accept your money.

Taxis are fairly cheap and reasonable. You never have to worry about safety or them trying to screw you. Just make sure it’s a yellow taxi with a green light on the roof and you are good to go.

Where to Stay
There are many different elements in explaining where to stay. As a first timer to Rio de Janeiro, I would recommend staying in Copacabana around the Siqueira Camps metro stop. First off, Copacabana is cheaper than staying in Ipanema and you will be close to all the whorehouses in Copacabana. Surprisingly, there are completely zero massage/whore houses in Ipanema. Yes, Ipanema is more beautiful than Copacabana but for me, I would rather be closer to the whorehouses. The only establishment offering sex in Ipanema is Termas Centaurus.

Now say you want to be a crazy whoremonger like me and you don’t care about staying near the popular beaches and you just want to be near the cheap whores in Centro… it can be done. The good thing about this idea is that the father away you are from Ipanema/Copacabana, the cheaper it will be for whores and housing. Whenever I go to Rio de Janeiro, I live in the hills of Santa Teresa near the Gloria metro stop, which makes it only a 2-stop subway ride to Centro. Santa Teresa is one of the most beautiful spots in all of Rio that many tourists never try to explore. There are many affordable listings on, and Also, by staying in Santa Teresa, you will be in walking distance to the craziest nightlife scene in Rio called Lapa.

Area Breakdown

Barra Tijuca – This area is located to the south of Rio de Janeiro. It is an affluent area and it is also good for surfing. There are many whorehouses in this area and the girls are very beautiful due to the high-end clientele.

Leblon – The “Beverley Hills” of Rio de Janeiro or another way to describe it as the southern part of Ipanema. I am not a big fan, it is expensive and there aren’t any whores. However it does have good shopping and restaurants if you have the ability to drop some cash.

Ipanema – Even though there aren’t any whores here, it is undeniably beautiful. If you go to the beach in Ipanema, grab a spot around Posto 9, which is where you will find all the beautiful honeys. As the sun starts to set, make your way to Arpoador with a bottle of wine and watch the sunset from the rocks. Lovers from all over the city flock to the rock’s of Arpoador to watch the romantic sunset.

Three great bars for meeting locals in Ipanema:

  • Canastra Bar – A little wine bar with a ton of outside seating. A very fun atmosphere as people gather for almost an entire block and it goes on just about every night. Even if you are a solo traveler, order a bottle wine and get ready to mingle.
  • Palaphita Lagoa – Amazing cozy bar overlooking the Lagoa bay. Great for a date or to bring a whore.
  • Emporio 37 – My favorite bar to have fun. Gets going around midnight. There are people drinking outside and when they get tipsy, they head inside to dance.

Copacabana – A whoremonger’s paradise. You have the easy access to beaches and beautiful whores. Be sure to find accommodation near the Siqueira Campos metro stop, as that is where the whorehouses, Terma Monte Carlo and Mab’s are located.

  • Mab’s – Mab’s is a bar along Copacabana, I guess technically it is located in Leme, which is located more to Copacabana’s north side. Primetime is around 11:00am-1am. There are many prostitutes lingering around which some are even having a drink just waiting for the Johns to come. Girls charge anywhere from 200-300 reis for a 1 hour bang back at your hotel or apartment.

    Hotel Lido – A love motel in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

  • Lido Hotel – Address: R. Ronald de Carvalho, 190 – This is the only Love Motel in Copacabana. They charge by the hour for R$100 reis which equates to about 30 usd. They also charge by the night for around R$300 reis. Very clean, air conditioning, spacious and they even provide condoms for a small fee.

Botafogo – The next neighborhood north of Copacabana. There is really no whoring benefit to staying here besides it being cheaper and you are still only two subway stops from Siqueira Campos in Copacabana. It is a nice area as you have Sugarloaf Mountain close by and Urca (a beautiful area around the bay, which is great for a drink during sunset.

Flamengo/Largo do Machado – The next neighborhood north of Botafogo. There are a few whorehouses in this area. The benefit to this area is the park along the water. There are basketball courts, a free outdoor gym, a nice beach and a boardwalk to run or bike.

Santa Teresa – A short walk from the Gloria metro stop and you are in Santa Teresa where the views, nature, monkeys and the closeness to the whores in Centro and nightlife in Lapa make it a wonderful place to live.

Lapa – My favorite place to go out and have a good time. I like hanging out and drinking in the street and just enjoying the sites of Rio’s beautiful people. Lapa has it all; samba, rock, bars, clubs, outdoor drinking, hotdogs, all kinds of food, and Cachaça. Cachaca is the famous alcohol from Brazil. Many foreigners never try it until they come to Brazil, as was in my case, and it is potent so be careful. A must try is a place called Casa da Cachaça which of course is located in Lapa. It has the best Cachaça in Rio and you are sure to make friends as everyone is getting liquored up on that great drink.

Centro – This is where dreams come true. Centro is a magical place. Dozens of whorehouses are scattered throughout this area with bountiful beautiful women. Most of the whorehouses and Termas are located off the Carioca, Cinelandia, and Urugaiana metro stops.

Part 2 – Conversing with Whores

SIM Card
For an ultra successful trip engaging with whores, you will need a SIM card for your phone. Some whorehouses require you to schedule an appointment and in that case, you need an active WhatsApp account. I understand that WhatsApp works if you already have an account but you are going to need 3G when you are in Brazil. When you are on the go, you are going to want to be able to use Google Maps for the buses and it’s just a wise decision to have 3G while you are here. Many times while conversing with the whores inside the brothels I whip out my Google Translate and without the 3G, it would not be possible. I recommend going to a Vivo store (which is the equivalent of Verizon or Sprint in the United States). Vivo is very friendly to foreigners, as they only require you to have a Passport to obtain a chip. Most other cellular networks in Brazil require you to have a CPF number (which is the equivalent of a Social Security Number for Brazilians). Also, 3G is very cheap in Brazil. 10 USD will give you at least 2-3 weeks worth of data. When it runs out it is very easy to recharge your chip via online at

When your data runs out, simply go online and select “Recarregue Aqui”. From there you will input your phone number and the amount of money you would like to put on your chip. Once the money is in your account, text “Vivo” to 1515. They will respond with a list of options. Text the number 2 and push send. Next they will send a confirmation message and you will need to text back the word “sim” which means yes in Portuguese. And Whala! Your phone will now have Internet again. It took me a long time to figure this process out so enjoy.

Without the help of this amazing website I would never have been able to find all the amazing places I have visited throughout Brazil. It is a very popular forum in Brazil dedicated to reviewing everything whore related. I found many of the whorehouses I frequented in Rio de Janeiro by using this forum. With the help of the Google Chrome browser, it translates the web pages so I can read the reviews. I suggest you do the same. If you plan on going to São Paulo or any other city in Brazil, this website will be a great help for you as it currently still is for me.


After clicking on the link “Escorts of Rio de Janeiro” it will bring you to the following page in which you should select “Rio de Janeiro/Spa Massage…”


You will then be able to select from a list of available listings that have been reviewed. Many of which, along with the reviews, include addresses and telephone numbers.

Part 3 – Brothels

Many, if not all, of the whorehouses are located in high-rise buildings. The first number of the room number indicates the floor. For example, if a whorehouse is located in Room 902, then you would go to the 9th floor. Do not worry about the doorman, just walk right by them and head to the elevator. Most elevators have a person working it from the inside, and he is usually sitting in a chair, simply just tell him the floor number. Once you arrive at the whorehouse’s room, push the doorbell and wait for someone to answer. You will then be led to a room and shortly, every girl in the whorehouse will come in one-by-one to introduce themselves. Be prepared to say “Muito Prazer” (which means nice to meet you) and you will both exchange a kiss on each cheek. The girl who answered the door will come back after all the girls have introduced themselves and will ask you which girl you want. You will then state her name. She will then ask you for how long; 30min or 1 hour. Almost all whorehouses/massage open at 10am and close at 8pm. The best time to arrive is at 11:30am. You want to get there before the businessmen do, as they go for their lunch break between 12-2pm. Chances are if you arrive at 1pm, all the hot ones will be taken and you will end up with the “past-her-prime” dog meat 35 year old hag.

As someone noted in the comments, I should be clear about the prices and what to expect with a whore at the massage/whorehouses. Sex is included in the price (both oral and intercourse) and there are no hidden or extra costs. If they say it’s 160 reis (40 usd) for one (1) hour, that means you can have sex with the girl of your choosing for 1 hour and you may cum up to two times. Some girls will include anal in the price but you must discuss that before hand.

Barra da Tijuca

Prive Euro Barra *****
Address: Barra da Tijuca – Av. Armando Lombardi, 800 – Room 330
Price: R$200,00 1 Hour
Phone: +55 (21) 97925-2359
Website: Euro Barra

Massagem Tijuca ****
Address: Av. Paula Sousa, 214, Tijuca
Price: R$ 170,00 for 1 Hour
Phone: +55 (21) 2234-8160 | +55 (21) 3176-6969
Website: Massagem Tijuca

Laços de Terapia Massagens ****
Address: Av.das Americas Barra da Tijuca, 297 Room 306
Price: R$ 150,00 for 30 Minutes
Phone: +55 (21) 2135-8410
Website: Lacos Terapia

Touch Terapy ***
Address: Avenida Ministro Ivan Lins, 270 – Second Floor
Price: R$250 for 1 Hour
Phone: +55 (21) 2494-4541 | +55 (21) 99271-7528
Website: Touch Therapy


Copa 583*****
Address: Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 583 – Just walk through the main entrance and walk past the elevators, at the end of the narrow hallway you will see stairs to your right, go up the stairs. You will then see a gym to your left and Copa 583 is located to the right. A mat reading “Copa 583” is in front of it.
Price: R$ 160 reis for 1 hour.
Website: Copa 583
Review: Only place in Copacabana that charges market rate, which is $R180 reis for 1 hour. The rest are charging 200 or even 300 reis per hour. They have around 15-20 girls available. The place has been remodeled and it is very beautiful and clean. Each room has it’s own shower, a bed and a massage table. However, it’s a hit or miss with the girls. Don’t expect to see knockouts.

Delírio Oriental *****
Address: Rua Hilário de Gouveia, 66 – Room 201
Price: R$ 140,00 for 30min or R$ 200,00 for 1 Hour
Phone: +55 (21) 99766-8085
Website: Delirio Oriental
Review: Went there recently, due to this webpage and the uptick in foreign men going to this establishment, they now have a receptionist that speaks great english. They did not increase their price, still R$ 200 for 1 hour. However, the girl I chose denied me a BBBJ, only gave a CBJ.

Eden Spa ****
Address: Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 583 – Room 401
Price: R$ 200 for 1/2 hour | R$ 300 for 1 Hour
Phone: +55 (21) 3627-3130 | +55 (21) 2545-7664
Website: Eden Spa
Review: Once they were the most famous brothel in Copacabana. They always have pretty girls. The only thing I do not like is that they change their prices quite often.

Massagem Copacabana ****
Address: Rua Santa Clara, 50 – Room 806
Price: R$ 170,00 for 1 Hour
Phone: +55 (21) 25493340
Website: Massagem Copa

Astral terapias ***
Address: Rua Hilário Gouveia, 66 – Room 611
Price: R$ 250,00
Phone: +55 (21) 3221-3479 | +55 (21) 99856-1222
Website: Astral Terapias

RJ Massagem ***
Address: Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana 680, – Room 1112
Price: R$ 180,00
Phone: +55 21 96739-9365
Website: RJ Massagem

Copaterapias ** (They do NOT offer sex – only massage)
Address: Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana N. 583, Room 505
Price: R$ 200,00 for 1 Hour
Phone: +55 (21) 3221-3479

Centro (Center/Downtown)

Bel Prazer *****
Address: Av. Rio Branco, 185 – Room 2114
Price: R$ 160,00 for 1 Hour
Phone: +55 (21) 2517-0816
Website: Bel Prazer
Review: The most famous whorehouse in Centro. During peak hours, they probably have around 20 girls to choose from. The facilities are the cleanest out of all the whorehouses, with a shower in each room so you are not walking through the hallways in your towel trying to avoid other men when having to take a shower. I would say it’s the most professionally run. Note: The elevator only goes to the 20th floor, so you need to get out on the 20th floor and walk up to the 21st floor. I didn’t figure that out my first time so that tip will be helpful.

Onix Terapias ***
Address: Av. Rio Branco, 185 – Room 2104
Price: R$ 170,00 for 1 Hour
Phone: +55 (21) 99685-1888
Website: Onix Terapias

Julia Massagens ****
Address: Av. Rio Branco, 156 – Room 1323
Price: R$ 170,00 for 1 Hour
Phone: +55 (21) 99685-1888
Website: Julia Massagens

Centro Star ***
Address: Av. Rio Branco, 156 – Room 2622
Price: R$ 150,00
Phone: +55 (21) 2210-2883
Website: Centro Star

Duda Massagens *****
Address: Av. Rio Branco, 156 – Room 3320
Price: R$ 170,00
Phone: +55 (21) 2517-1656
Website: Duda Massagens

Vip Therapy *****
Address: Av. 13 de Maio, 33 – Room 1007
Price: R$ 150 for 1 Hour
Phone: +55 (21) 96767-4026
Website: Vip Therapy
Review: You want a pornstar, go here.

Espaço Shiva Terapias ****
Address: Av. Rio Branco, 181 – Room 104
Price: R$150 for 1 Hour
Phone: +55 (21) 99987-0633
Website: Espaço Shiva Terapias

Le Message ****
Address: Av. Almirante Barroso, 63 – Room 713
Price: R$ 150,00 for 1 Hour
Phone: +55 (21) 98124-6781
Website: Le Message

Espaço Mente Corpo *****
Address: Rua da Conceição, 19
Price: R$ 160 1 for Hour
Phone: +55 (21) 3172-1803
Website: Espaço Mente Corpo

Largo do Machado

Jú Panteras
Address: Rua Bento Lisboa, 184 Room 423
Price: R$ 300,00 for 1 Hour
Website: Jú Panteras
Phone: (21) 3185-4060 | (21) 3149-7771 | (21) 98387-3304
Review: You will find stunning women here, but you will pay double. In my opinion it is worth it.

Part 4 – Termas

I’ll just be honest, Termas are just a little too much for me. Too many women staring at you and trying to get your attention. If I go, I have to be a least a few shots in or at least 4-6 beers in.  It cost anywhere from 4 to 7 times as much than a brothel and you get basically the same experience when it comes to sex.

What to expect when arriving to a terma:

First you will register with the front desk. They will give you a key with a number on it. The key is for your locker to store things like your phone, wallet, and clothes and the number is used as a reference when you buy drinks or grab a girl to fuck. Payment is due upon exit. You will be given a robe and flipflops to change in to. You will then head to the “meeting room” where there is a bar and all the girls. If you buy drinks, expect to pay a premium by paying around 20 to 30 reis for a drink. Girls will typically make advances to you, will give you plenty of eye contact and if they see your interest, they will approach. You of course, can always approach any girl of your liking at any time. Most termas have a “massage room” where you can get a massage from any one of the girls for around R$80-100 reis. Personally, these whores aren’t professional masseuses and it’s more of just an annoying rubdown. I know I sound like a downer talking about termas and I probably shouldn’t be so biased, so excuse me. They’re maybe some of you out there that can speak portuguese very well and you just love going to termas and talking it up/mingling with the whores and got the cash to splash. To say I haven’t enjoyed any of my terma experiences would be a lie. It’s a fascinating scene, especially at first, and I would still recommend everyone to give it at least a try. Below is a list of termas from best to worst, starting with the first listing.

Termas 4×4 ***** (4X4 BURNT DOWN IN A FIRE, AS OF 11/09/19 IT’S NO LONGER OPEN)
Address: Rua Buenos Aires, 44 (located in Centro)
Price: R$ 420,00
Phone: +55 (21) 2253-1099
Website: No longer works, probably to lay low from the government during Olympics
Review: Did you ever want to know what it was like to go backstage in a Victoria’s Secret dressing room and have a pick at any one of them? Go to Quatro por Quatro (4×4) located in Centro at 6pm on a Thursday or Friday. If you get there too late, like around 10pm or so, most of the girls will have already left. Read More…

Termas Monte Carlo *****
Address: Rua Hilário de Gouvêia, 19 (Located in Copacabana)
Price: R$ 460,00 Cash – R$500,00 Credit
Phone: +55 (21) 2255- 4489
Website: Termas Monte Carlo
Review: Read more…

Termas 65 ****
Address: Rua do Rosário, 65 (Located in Centro)
Price: R$ 440,00
Phone: None
Website: None
Review: The “local terma”. Virtually no tourist ever go here and they don’t mind it that way. Loads of hot women. I went here on my last trip and I was shocked. Mostly all brazilians and the place is run extremely well.

Termas 502 ****
Address: Rua da Alfândega, 65 (Located in Centro)
Price: R$ 250,00
Phone: None
Website: None
Review: For the money it’s a great terma. I enjoyed myself here and it didn’t hurt my pocket like the others do. I definitely recommend going and trying it out.

Termas Solarium ***
Address: Jardim Botânico – Rua J. J. Seabra, 21
Price: R$ 520,00
Phone: +55 (21) 2274-2741
Website: Termas Solarium
Review: For the price I expected more. A bit too small for my liking and I felt the service wasn’t up to par with the rest. I went going here thinking I was going to 5 star establishment, maybe that was my problem.

Termas 81 ***
Address: Rua da Quitanda, 81
Price: R$220
Phone: None
Website: None
Review: The cheapest terma in all of Rio. It is well worth the money and you will enjoy yourself. Nice looking girls.

Recent Reports

Date: 02/14/2020 User: @KC from the The Whore Monger Chat Group

Stayed in a hotel, Atlantico Rio, right next to Copacabana. Perfect if you want to be in the heart of town, safe area with lots to do around. Don’t want to say anything bad, but despite having so many sexually available sexy women, Brazilian men as a whole do not tend to lool after themselves a lot, most are out of shape, and generally being 6,1 very rarely saw someone taller than me. I’m just a regular black dude from the UK who plays sports. The reason I am saying this is that if you look clean, well kept and fit you already smell like money. Day gaming is great in Rio if you just want to have fun, women are proactive. I got approached twice, one girl asked her friend and in the 3 days I was in Rio I fucked 2 normies, I’ll get into why you might not want to fuck normies if you are a straightforward dude.

Down to business:

I visited Bel Prazer exclusively, didn’t have time or want for termas as I found clinics to be the most straightforward. Bel Prazer. The women in Bel Prazer are abundant and friendly, I visited big ass natural flor, PAWG, lovely Mia, fit body, shapely ass and a pair of relatively soft fake breasts and another mixed race girl with blonde who was perfectly abundant in all places.
For those who didn’t know, something which I rarely thought of, Clinicas, Sex Clubs, Strip clubs (which involve sex) are part of the culture in Brazil and they are open about this. Night time both nights I was in Rio I headed down to Lapa to club and party. There are currently two sex strip clubs in Lapa, maybe more. Personally I didn’t enjoy them, felt super trashy, girls ugly and you don’t wanna be mentally coerced into fucking a chick as these people are pushy. Fucked a fake ass hoe there and damn, I just wanted the night to be over. Devil’s Den. Strip teases and shows, not my cup of tea but everyone is different. Just letting the fellas know that you can get your dick wet at 2 AM in Rio. Also many of the girls walking down lapa seem unapproachable but what I found out is that these girls are just looking for rich dudes to take care of them, so they are open to fuck for money despite not being an actual Pro.

Picking up normal girls is actually quite nice, however on these 2 occasions I was able to understand how Brazilian culture differentiates for western culture. Don’t let it fool you, Brazil is a third world country. We just don’t see it because in their country we have tons of money. Men with no money have no sex, normal Brazilian women I dated openly asked me “Amor do you have anything for me? I wanna do my hair, bla bla bla” and the issue is that it’s not like they tell you upfront, after you fucked them so you have to reach in your wallet and give them something (which is okay). Most women in Brazil have a price tag. Another thing is that they come with baggage because their life isn’t in order so they expect even you, a stranger, to help them fix their shit, feed them, pamper them, too much. So much that the girl you pay ourightly is more a gf, cooks for you and sometimes has her shit in order.

On my last day before heading to the airport to SP I went to riosexsite and fucked one of the best looking girls in my life. Perfect body, attitude, ass was oh my god, natural, darlene amaro shape but she was actually fit, she said she doesn’t kiss but she did kiss me. She comes at 500 an hour, pricey but then even for western standards that is nothing. So I indulged, I would have linked her but profile is gone. Her name on there is Priscilla.

SP (where the real party was at) coming soon, this shit takes time to read. Don’t criticize me, people asked me to write a review so I did. Ask away if you have any questions.

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