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Robert Kraft Caught for Soliciting Prostitutes

Just another sad day in America for men. Robert Kraft, the majority owner of the Patriots, was just caught in a sting via camera in Palm Beach, Florida. Now if I am a rich guy, why would I now want to move or live in Palm Beach, Florida with the fear that police will be lurking down my ass crack everywhere I go. The man in 77 years old and he just lost his wife, give him a break and the credit that he still has his libido. I would be surprised if Robert Kraft didn’t sell his home in Palm Beach after this incident. You bet I would. Expect a real estate market downturn due to a decline in men wanting to move to the area and owners selling their homes.

Lets look at the real problem. They say that the police are trying to prevent girls from being forced into sex slavery against their will. Okay, then go after the people that are forcing woman into the sex trade. Shaming or prosecuting customers like Robert Kraft won’t do a thing to prevent the problem, as we have seen time and time again. It’s the sole reason why I do not live in the United States of America.

I get their (the police) thinking though. If Robert Kraft can get caught, so can you! But it doesn’t work. Men will always think with their pecker over their brain. Robert Kraft on the other hand has to be smarter than this if he is going to be indulging with prostitutes in the United States. There are much better ways to go about it. He certainly has the money to hire a therapist and a great attorney to draft some sort of agreement that allows him to engage in sexual acts with a therapist/masseuse. He is simply too high profile to be as careless as he was.

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yours truly, The Whore Monger