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São Paulo, Brazil – Prives, Prostitutes, Brothels, & Sex Clubs | Sex Guide

Updated: January 2020

After just spending a week in SP this past week, I added more clinicas to the report. Enjoy.


São Paulo is the best city/place in Brazil for paid sex. I used to think Rio de Janeiro was the place to be but after spending many months in each place, I have come to realize that Sampa is the winner. The further south you go in Brazil, the more you will see beautiful white Brazilian girls (Brasileiras). But if you are looking for darker girls (Morenas), redheads or whatever, this place has got it.

No matter where you live in the city, everyone must check out this one place called Casarão – located at R. Augusta, 791

Casarão is incredibly fun, it’s a bar/club type establishment with tons of hot mostly college girls looking for some extra cash – Only a R$20 Reis cover to get in ($7 usd). They have many rooms available on-site and the girls are willing to negotiate. I go solo here all the time and dance, drink, and bang.

If you prefer to live in an area with great nightlife (the best bars in Sao Paulo) than Vila Madalena is someplace you would want to consider. You have a few great whore houses nearby in the neighborhood of Vila Pompeia.

Top Neighborhoods (with list of Brothels)

Where to Find Sex in São Paulo


There are mainly 2 neighborhoods for whoring and this is one of them. This is a very posh area that is very safe and rent is a bit more expensive compared to other areas. You also have nice botecos (neighborhood bars), grocery stores and a pretty decent mall. You can either take this as a positive or negative but you are in close proximity to the airport (Congonhas that is, there are two airports, Congonhas is the smaller of the two). In Moema, I could not hear the planes flying overhead so it was no issue fore me. The BEST whore/massage/clinics are in this area. The following whore houses are my favorite in this area:

  • Best Clinica in Moema
    Name: Show Name
    Address: Show Address
    Price: R$ 280
    Website: Show Website
    Review: This place is about 100 reis above the normal price of other establishments but it has an incredible lineup, almost every girl here is about an 8 or higher and they train the girls well. They are looking for repeat business so they really go the extra mile. The clinic is very clean and beautiful. They have parking available. Pay with cash or credit/debit.
  • Clínica Red Massagem
    Address: Av. Moema, 841
    Price: R$180 by cash or R$200 by card
    Website: Clínica Red Massagem
    Review: One of the most laid back atmospheres in this place. You walk in and everything is kinda decorated red. Nice long couches with pictures of naked girls on the wall. A big screen tv to watch while you wait for the girls to introduce themselves. Great lineup here and very diverse so you will find whatever you are looking for. I am always trying to find beautiful white brazilian girls with big tits and ass. I found that here. Another nice touch – you can order a beer and have a seat in their hallway and watch the girls as they go through when they introduce themselves to the new johns as they enter the place. If you are the type, like me, who likes to have a few beers before the session starts, you would like this place. The two ladies working the reception always have a nice smile on their face and overall it’s just a fun place with happy people.
  • Clínica Miruna’s
    Address: Avenida Miruna, 644
    Price: R$200 Reis
    Review: Nothing fancy, just a great low key clinica with beautiful girls.
    Website: Clínica Miruna’s
  • My #1 favorite clinica in all of SP
    Name: Show Name
    Address: Show Address
    Price: R$170 Reis
    Website: Show Website
    Review: There is not another clinica like this place. Unlike other clinicas, here on the second floor there is a bar, pool table, a lounge indoor and outdoor, and you can party and chill here all day/all night until 4am. All the girls lounge upstairs so no need to do the formal introduction if you prefer to just go upstairs and have a drink (show view of upstairs). Or you can opt not to go upstairs and have all the girls come down and make the formal introduction. At night, there are about 30 girls upstairs and during the day there are about 10-15. In a way, it almost feels like a Terma you would see in Rio but unlike a terma, there is no entry fee hehe. Hands down my favorite spot. I posted a few pictures of a girl I had here in the Monger Telegram group chat. The girls working here are gorgeous.
  • Clínica Nova Antares *****NEW*****
    Address: Av. Bosque da Saúde , 268
    Price: R$200 Reis (add an extra 30 reis if paying by card)
    Website: Clínica Nova Antares
    Review: This is a new listing added from the September 4th, 2019 update. This is one of the most popular clinicas in all of SP but it doesn’t look that way from the outside. Nothing fancy but the girls inside are very pretty. They had about 15 girls in their lineup when I went. Great experience. Contact on whatsapp if you have more questions +55 (11) 95137-3277
  • Clínica Prime *****NEW*****
    Address: Av. Iraí, 511
    Price: R$210 Reis
    Website: Not loading
    Review: Another famous clinica in Moema that had slipped by me during my first trip. You will know you have arrived when you see their back garage as you pull up. I just went here once and I had a great session. Had about 10 girls in their lineup.
  • Clínica Enjoy Spa *****NEW*****
    Address: R. Condessa do Pinhal, 279
    Price: R$200 Reis
    Website: Clínica Enjoy Spa
    Review: This clinica is on par with Abbobora and clinica brooklin when it comes to the decor. It’s a five star place while still charging the same amount as the others.
  • Inner Club (this is a Swingers Club and they have Glory Hole rooms!)
    Address: Alameda dos Pamaris, 160
    Price: R$118 per couple
    Website: Inner Club
    Review: It’s the best swingers club in SP, according to GP-guia. You can go unaccompanied by a girl if you want. Next time I go I will bring an escort with me and finally get a glory hole blowjob, as I’ve always wanted to do that. The have great info on their site about how the house works (dos and donts)


I do not know which has the better whore houses, it is either Brooklin or Moema. I love the establishments in both. People would argue that Brooklin has the better and I can’t argue against that. I have not lived in Brooklin yet so I can’t give that much detail as to the living experience but thank god Uber is now in Brazil. It doesn’t really matter where you live as you can hit up all these spots quite easily if you are in a neighborhood nearby. Below are some great whore houses in this area:

  • Best Clinica in Brooklin
    Name: Show Name
    Address: Show Address
    Price: R$170 Reis
    Website: Show Website
    Review: The first whore house that I experienced in Brooklin and I was not disappointed. I had heard that this place was the best and highest rated among the locals. I was surprised to see the amount of happily smiling asian men at this place. They were smiling for a reason because the women are gorgeous.
  • Clínica Kin Center
    Address: Travessa Libera Rivelino, 210
    Price: R$150 Reis
    Review: Another famous whore house in Brooklin. Very good.
  • Clinica Cancioneiro
    Address: Rua Novo Cancioneiro, 88
    Price: R$150 Reis

Vila Mariana

Vila Mariana is in close proximity to Moema and has some good places to check out.

  • Show Name
    Address: Show Address
    Price: $R150 Reis for 1 hour/$R100 Reis for 30min
    Website: Show Website
    Review: The cheapest place with the best talent in all of Sao Paulo. Highly recommended. I live in Moema so it was very easy for me to check this place out. I was amazed as the girls on the website didn’t look all that great but I saw this girl named Gaby who was a 10 and I don’t throw 10’s out there that often. She gave and great BBBJ and CIM and smiled as I finished in her mouth. I am confused sometimes when I come across a place that seems to be underpriced and the service is over the top.. this is one of those places. It’s a very large property where you lounge about, have cigy and a drank and talk with the ladies and other johns. It’s a very open and friendly atmosphere.
  • Clínica Kahunas
    Address: Rua Bartolomeu de Gusmão, 147
    Price: R$ 150 Reis for 1 hour
    Website: Clínica Kahunas
    Review: Worth every penny. One of the only places where I have received a great massage and great sex. These Brazilian girls specialize in Thai massage and after they will give you a BBBJ and fuck your brains out. Again, I am not sure why this place is so cheap for the service they give.
  • Neozen Massagem Tantrica
    Address: Rua Joinville, 607
    Price: R$ 250 Reis for 1 hour cash/ R$ 300 Reis for 1 hour credit/debit card
    Website: Neozen Massagem
    Review: This is a tantric massage place. My friend said not all the girls here will give you a BBBJ automatically. I have not tried it myself due to doubt. I probably wouldn’t go here if I was a newbie to the city but go at your own risk. At least I heard the girls were cute.
  • Sharon Massagens
    Address: Avenue Conselheiro Rodrigues Alves, 920
    Price: R$ 250 Reis for 1 hour of Non-sexual massage or R$ 350 Reis for Massage + Sex
    Website: Sharon Massagens
    Review: Very beautiful girls. Most men who come here are doing so for a very good and sensual message. Depending on the girl, you may get sex at the normal rate. If not, pay an extra 100 Reis.

Vila Pompéia

This is probably the neighborhood you will end up going to for sex if you decide to live in the Vila Madalena area. There are two infamous whore houses here which are listed below.

  • Clinica Aneesh
    Address: Rua Tavares Bastos, 547
    Price: R$ 130 Reis for 1 hour (CHEAP!)
    Website: Clinica Aneesh
    Review: You get what you pay for. The girls here aren’t exactly stunning but you will get sucked and fucked on the cheap. Conveniently located and it’s a well run establishment.
  • Clínica Shangri-lá
    Address: Avenida Pompéia, 1062
    Price: R$ 120 Reis for 1 hour (CHEAPER!)
    Website: Clínica Shangri-lá
    Review: The girls are attractive and the claim to fame about this place is the blowjobs. If you like BBBJs or CBJs this is the place for you. Also, you can’t beat the price, just so dam cheap. Nothing fancy about the place but I actually found it to be very warm and homey.
  • Zarah Massagens
    Address: Avenida Pompéia, 2082
    Price: R$ 150 Reis for 1 hour
    Website: Zarah Massagens
    Review: Just another great place in Pompéia that doesn’t bullshit and gives you what you pay for. All the girls will give you BBBJ (if you keep it clean down there and trim your pubes) and make you satisfied.


There are too many great establishments I have listed on this page that will serve you better than any escort you order online. First off, any escort that is a pro will immediately know you are a foreigner and will not give you proper service as if you were a local Brazilian man. The best strategy is to go to a whore house and find a girl you like. After your session with her, make sure to ask for her WhatsApp number and she will give it to you. Then simply order her to your hotel or apartment next time you get horny. If you can’t help yourself and you want to order an escort online, use this website: Show Website

Night Clubs

The Night “Sex” Clubs in Sao Paulo range from strip clubs – large houses with pools, stripper poles and pool tables – to large establishments with bowling alleys and entertainment. There is one common denominator that they all hold.. you can bang the women. These establishments tend to be a bit more pricey but if it’s the one night you go out during the entire week, it’s money well spent.

Scandallo Lounge
Address – Rua Cel Diogo, 1199
Website – Scandallo Lounge
Price – R$ 500 Reis for 1 hour
Review – Out of all the nightclubs, I enjoyed this one the most. Upon arrival I was greeted by a short man named Richard which he was nicely dressed in a suit. I felt very important walking into this place. He treated my like I was royalty. Escorting me to the bar for a drink and then to the showroom in which the decor is at the top of its class. The women here were knockouts. I told Richard the kind of girl I wanted, right away he knew the girl and brought her over. We tried to talk but I don’t know Portuguese and she didn’t know English. She did understand that I wanted to fuck her. We agreed on 500 reis. She had an unbelievable body the only thing however, and this is the only time I have every witnessed this in my life, especially with a paid whore, she had long wet black ass hairs. I found this out when I tried to fuck her doggy style. That didn’t last long and from there we just did missionary. I did not want her on top because I did not want those ass hairs touching my legs or any part of my body. For 500 reis you can fuck any girl in Brazil doggy style so maybe this was her defense. Afterwards I actually told Richard about it. He was quite embarrassed and promised me that would never happen again. I would never know however as my pockets were empty at this point. I didn’t let this experience with this one whore ruin my review of this place because it was truly a one-of-a-kind establishment where the bachelor millionaires of Sao Paulo come to splash their money and I was glad to get a taste of that lifestyle.

Café Photo
Address: Av. Juscelino Kubitschek, 373
Price: R$ 500 Reis for 1 hour + the R$ 250 Reis cover = R$ 750 Reis Total
Website: Café Photo
Review: This is not a massage/whore house but rather a club type establishment that is very posh and you wouldn’t necessarily want to go here alone as I did. It is nothing like I expected. I was expecting many coffee tables everywhere and girls coming around wanting to talk. However, once you are in there, after paying a R$250 Reis cover, it feels like a very chill club with pretty girls everywhere. It doesn’t feel like the Termas in Rio. This place is rather large and most of the girls are asking for R$500 Reis. They don’t have any rooms and you would need to either take her back to your residence or find a love motel. I could see this place being a lot of fun if only I had gone with another person.

Bahamas Club
Address – Rua dos Chanés, 571, Moema, São Paulo, SP
Review – You have to pay R$ 200 Reis to enter which includes a suite for 1 hour but does not include the girl. You need to pay 500 Reis for a girl so the total brings you to 700 Reis for 1 hour and if you want drinks, your are looking at 800 Reis. They have around 20-25 good looking girls here but not out of this world hot. If I am paying that kind of money, I want a threesome with two 10’s for 1 hour.

Night Club Connection
Review: This is the sister club of Scandallo and run by the same owners. It’s cheaper and has a lot of the same talent
Address – Avenida Dr Eduardo Cotching 1178, Jd. Anália Franco, São Paulo
Website – Night Club Connection
Price – R$350 for Sex

Zeus Bar Show
Address – Av. Dos Carinás, 318 Moema
Website – Zeus Bar Show
Price – R$250 for Sex, R$80 Entry Fee

Kilt Shows
Address – Rua Nestor Pestana, 189, Consolação – São Paulo
Website – Kilt Shows
Price – R$250-R$400 for Sex, R$80 Entry Fee, R$160 for Room

Fantasy Island Nightclub
Address – Av. Professor Luiz Ignácio Anhaia Mello, 3683 – Vila Prudente, São Paulo
Price – R$300 for Sex, R$100 for Room

Love Story
Address – Rua Araujo , 232 – República – Sp
Website – Love Story
Price – R$100-R$300 depending on negotiation
Review – All types of people can be found here, lots of freelancers too.

Boise & Sauna Eu and Ela
Address – Rua Pires da Mota, 494
Website – Eu and Ela
Price – R$200 for Entry (Covers your room for 1 hour), R$200 for Sex

Caster Club
Address – Av. João XXIII, 2400 – Vila Formosa – São Paulo
Website – Caster Club
Price – R$300 for 1 hour of Sex


Prives operate much in the same way that the Massage/Whore Houses operate. There are slight differences but not many. You walk in, pick a girl and bang. They also have refreshments such as beer.

Privê Espaço Morumbi
Address – Rua Chafik Maluf, 101 (Brooklin)
Website – None
Price – R$160 Reis
Review – This place looks like a regular house (the house is pink) in a neighborhood but it is the most famous Privê in all of Sao Paulo as the girls here are incredibly beautiful. Opens at 10am and closes at 10pm during the weekday. On Saturday, 10am to 8pm and closed on Sunday. Located near the neighborhood of Brooklin.

Privê Vani’s Way
Address – Rua Dom Antônio Galvão, 266
Website – Vani’s Way
Price – R $ 100 for 1/2 hour and R $ 150 for 1 hour
Hours – Mon-Sat 10am-11pm

Prive Sensação
Address – Rua General Jardim 242 (Centro)
Price – R$100 Reis for 1 hour

Privê Fani Sex
Rua Loefgreen 927 (Vila Mariana)
Price – R$70 for 30 Min
Website – Fani Sex

If you have questions after reading this guide, you can contact me by accessing The Whore Monger Chat Group on Telegram.

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