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Sex with a Japanese Girl from Osaka

i went walking for about 35 minutes
walking with my google maps
i had to take a piss along the way
burger king, 2nd floor and the piss came out
walking again
passing many porn dvd shops
maybe i should have bought a dvd
just maybe the pussies and cocks wouldn’t be blurred
there is this one jap girl that has big nice tits
i don’t know her name
but she is plastered at every porn dvd store
i’m on my way to find prostitutes in Tobita
the red light district in osaka
hoping to find a good bbbj
i don’t count on it though
i am near
i am walking through a dingy wall corridor
finally i arrive
it’s nice and beautiful
each girl has her own shop
and there is a mama or madam
sitting there with her
i told myself i would approach the first set of big tits i see
i found one but i got rejected
freedom i thought
here in japan they can discriminate all they want
i have seen ads in the classifieds
by women who reject black men
black men are cheap, forceful, and take advantage
i dropped a nuclear bomb on these japs
so i get it
the women here in japan never give me a look
not even 1%
i wasn’t going to give up with the red light osaka
i kept walking
finally i found a girl and her mother willing to take me in
she had a beautiful face and what it appeared
a nice body
i took off my shoes and went upstairs
the mom came up and i paid her 11k yen
that would give me 25 minutes to fuck
we both sat a little table
the mom came back and gave me green tea
there is candy and chocolate on the table too
my jap girl leaves
and now i am alone in the room
i search my pockets for my phone
as i want to take a picture of the room
i realize my phone is in my jacket which i already took off
and placed in the corner
i opted not to go for it
she comes back and starts to undress
she orders me to undress too
as she takes off her dress
i see wrinkly belly fat
i got duped
not only that
but she had the classic pubic hair you see in the pornos
i had less pubic hair than her
as i buzzed it with my norelco shaver just before i left my hotel
she puts the condom on and sucked good
i could only imagine what it would have felt like without the condom
i am sure i would have forgot about the wrinkly belly fat
her tits were saggy too with poop stain nipples
she sucked for about 3 minutes and demanded we go missionary
i pumped for probably 4 minutes and i came
it does feel good to come in a pussy

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