Skydiving – The Whore Monger


i’ve seen over 30 beautiful women today.
possibly more.
oh yes
i should not discount the large group of teeny boppers
getting into that mini bus
to go skydiving at 5am this morning.
i thought they were waiting for my bus.
sadly not.
and then here came this rattling tiny little bus,
with lettering on it’s side,
reading “Lets go Skydiving!”.
i guess it made sense.
these little teeny boppers were roiding with hormones,
and if not sex,
why not take it out on the innocent sky,
either way, screaming is to occur.
i watched them climb into that mini bus.
one in particular had ass cheeks trying to escape
her short jean shorts.
she was the first to climb in.
an Australian boy with long blonde hair was driving.
rounding them up like cattle.
lucky man.
driving a mini bus full of hot young Australian virgins.
i watched that bus drive away
until it curved around the trees out of sight.
gone forever.

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